Two female cats spayed (Wong Nyet Poh’s)

Ms Wong Nyet Poh brought two female cats to be spayed under our sponsorship today. I’ve lent Ms Wong two of my cages until January so that she can catch as many of her neighbourhood cats to be spayed.








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    This was posted in Anthony Thanasayan’s page over his idea of a centralised pound and no no to TNRM. Its because of stupid newbie rescuers like these that we cannot implement TNRM effectively. What a dumbo!

    Doris Devadas Thank you Anthony!!. You are Heaven Sent for these lovely creatures. TNR is the worst idea. They will still be roaming around under the rain, sun, without any shelter, no food, no water, full of diseases, get tormented by others, etc etc. Has the idiotic woman lost her mind??? Pls let me know if any help needed. I so very much would love to be a part of this so that we can collectively make this world a better place for the strays.
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