Kittens for adoption in Bintulu (Nurul Hikmah’s)

A request from Bintulu:

Nurul Hikmah

Hi Dr. Chan,

I’ve 3 kittens for adoption. These were our house’ cats, but sadly
we’ll move to a smaller house with limited area for our cats. I’m also
not financially capable to bring them to vet in case of emergencies
etc, so therefore I hope someone can take them and give full attention
to them.

They’re 2 females and 1 male (all-white are male), I estimate them to
be 5-6 months. Not yet neuteured/spayed, never been vaccinated too (as
for the reason I stated in first paragraph). I really wish they can
get better owners.

They’re very lovely and friendly with people. The only problem is I
live in Bintulu, Sarawak therefore its hard to find adopters. But if
the person interested live in other province (in Sarawak), can just
email me and we’ll discuss.

Phone num: 019-8442863 (sms only)

Thank you very much!

ps: I wish I knew about spaying earlier, thanks to your blog I knew it

I’ve offered Nurul Hikmah our spay-neuter subsidy. It’s still better to get all these kittens spayed-neutered while awaiting adoption.