The many faces of Tabs

It’s portrait time for Her Royal Tabness!

 Tiger takes the “higher” throne. Tabs is happy with the slightly lower one.

 She likes to sit behind my laptop when I do my work – yes, as an inspirational good-luck charm for me!

 Asking Bobby to play with her.

 Kittens just love boxes, don’t they?

 That’s the irresistible face…

 Her Royal Cuteness!

 She’s been more obedient and well-behaved since her spaying, but she is still trying to get out to the grass and sunshine. Can’t let her out because she’s way too fast for me to monitor and she’d dash out to the road to sit under the car.

Just a few more days, Tabs…we’ll be moving and you’ll have a protected area with grass and sunshine where you’ll be save from the road. Please wait a bit, Tabs.

 Tabs and me, in the room.

Here’s Tabs saying, “Have a nice day, folks!”






5 responses to “The many faces of Tabs”

  1. Chen

    “Her Royal Cuteness” is definitely spot on.

  2. Su Ann

    Aww, she is such a darling! Love her eyes–they are such a unique colour. Is her name officially “Tabs” now?? =)

    1. chankahyein

      I figured whatever name I give, I always end up shortening it to one syllable, so might as well just call her “Tabs” since she’s learnt her name, and her official name can be “Tabbikins” or “Her Royal Tabness” since she’s got some purebreed in her! Or, “Tabitha”, the daughter of the bewitched Samantha,..ha ha. “Tabs” should just about do it!

  3. Su Ann

    Ooo I am a huge fan of Bewitched! But Her Royal Tabness suits her well, too. Lol!

  4. Connie

    She looks very adorable.