Today’s breakfast

Last night, I had a “brainwave” – Since I haven’t got the pressure cooker yet, I’ll put everything into the slowcooker and let it brew overnight, in time for breakfast today.

This morning, I was not awakened not by the cats, but by the aroma of this stew. Yes, it went all the way upstairs!

Everybody loved the food (albeit mixed with canned food). Everyone but Cleo. Cleo sniffed at it, made a whining sound and ran off. She came back later to look for food. I offered purely canned food, and she didn’t want that either. Oh well, come back later when you’re really hungry, Cleo, and we’ll see what you want then.

 Here’s Cow and Tabs polishing all the leftovers.

Previously, when they were on kibble-diet, nobody was excited about food. But now, with home-cooked and canned, I have full attendance every morning, and they are all mewing or waiting in anticipation as I prepare the 8 bowls of food.

The slow-cooked stew was very soft. I had put too much water, so it became like a soup. I dished the meat and veggies out and could easily mash it all up with a spoon. For the chicken, I shredded the pieces. At least they had something to chew on, which is good for them.

 Bobby loved it too.

 Tabs sniffing at the slow-cooker, asking for more.

 This is the stew.

 Tabs is finishing up Bobby’s leftovers.

 A satisfied diner lounging after breakfast.

 Here’s Cleo, coming back after one hour. We gave her her favourite chicken skin and she ate it up, but left the breastmeat.

 I only want chicken skin, thank you.

Cleo reminds me of those figure-conscious stick-thin models who are always watching their diet. You know the ones who’d probably only eat one stick of celery for lunch and a carrot for dinner? Cleo only eats her chicken skin, and that’s it. I wonder if she goes out and eats the neighbour’s kibbles.

Anyway, the raw chicken meat wasn’t wasted because Tabs ate it all up!








One response to “Today’s breakfast”

  1. Chen

    Good trick! The cats have been smelling this wonderful aroma coming from the pot for hours and could have been waiting eagerly for you to give them whatever that’s in it – great way to whip up an appetite.