One female cat spayed (Amiratul Fathiyah’s)

Amiratul Fathiyah wrote to me a few days ago requesting help to spay-neuter two female cats, Capoo and Ren. The appointment was made today, but I received no sms from Amiratul before or after the spaying.

I finally contacted our vet and he said only one cat has already been spayed while one was not fit enough to be spayed as she was a bit too skinny.

The cats have already been collected.

The cost of the spaying is sponsored from our funds.

These are the photos provided by Amiratul of the two cats:



For today, would you please allow me to say my piece? I have repeatedly asked rescuers who request our help to PLEASE send me an sms when they have sent their animals and after collecting them to spare me the extra phonecalls of having to call up our vet to check. I do not wan to unnecessarily disturb our vets and this could be avoided if only the rescuer would PLEASE be considerate enough to just spend 30 sen to send me two sms, but even this seems to be too difficult to do.

For this reason (amongst others), I’m glad we only have one panel vet as of 4th January 2012. And maybe if this attitude goes on, we may do without any panel vet altogether and just concentrate on fund-raising to subsidise every case.  It would free me from a lot of unnecessary work of having to check that appointments are kept and the animals are collected.

With each adversity, comes a blessing?

All I ask for is two smses. That’s all. 30 sen’s worth of goodwill.