The cats’ new pressure cooker

This morning at breakfast, the cats were fascinated by this new shiny pot in the kitchen…

 What’s that, they ask.

 It’s the new pressure cooker I bought for them yesterday!

The brand is WMF and I chose the 6.5 litres. In case any of you are interested, it’s on offer now, priced at RM999 (usual price is RM1599) and there are many other sizes and even a pack of two pots with one cover. Accessories are also available from the same company. WMF is a German brand and a friend of mine has used her for more than 20 years, and swears by it. I got mine from the House of Presentation at Ikano. It is also available at Kitchen Shops and some Parkson Outlets.

I’m still learning how to estimate the time needed to pressure-cook different ingredients.

 You see the pink flab on Bunny’s belly?  That has to go.

 Cleo excitedly waiting for food as I mix their Natural Pet vitamin powder with some wetfood as starters.

Unfortunately, Cleo did not like it and ran away.

 Bunny eats purely home-cooked. He is not choosy.

Indy and Pole ran away as well.  I don’t know if it’s because I added in ground eggshells today and they sniffed it out. Fuss-pots!

 Tabs wondering if there is more food in the pressure cooker.

 Later, I caught Tiger sniffing at Tab’s cat-litter and actually going in to scratch the sand, but he didn’t use it as a toilet.

An hour after breakfast, we could not find Tabs. The whole house’s windows have been latched except the kitchen windows, where was Tabs? Thus began a big search in the back alley, in case Tabs had figured out a way to get out through Mac’s place and also a search on the road in front. Tabs was no where to be found.

Soon, my husband found Tabs. She was stuck on the roof! And she couldn’t come down. So there Tabs was, pacing to and fro along the roof and looking very worried. My husband climbed up to get her but she was too scared to let go. She clung on tightly to the roof tiles and she was STRONG!

Finally, we got her down by force.

So how did she get out? Through a tiny gap in the bedroom window which we had left open.

 Here she is, playing with Tiger in Mac’s place.

 I guess a kitten will always be curious and be on the look-out for adventure.

What an adventure for us, too!

 Tiger: I’m a good boy, I am. I’m always home.

 Tabs talking to Tiger.






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  1. Joy E. Saga

    Hi Kahyein

    I think you called Bunny – Home 🙂