For a more economical brand of canned food

I’d just go by what Dr Susanna has recommended when it comes to kibble-diet (Go!) and canned food since she has done extensive research on the ingredients used in most of the brands available on our Klang Valley market.

Her choice of quality canned foods:

1. Go!, Natural Balance, Addiction (above RM5)

2. Qiut (only fish) – more as a treat (RM3.90)

Option (2) would be for those who need slightly more economical food for their cats.

I’ve tried Go!, but my brood doesn’t like it. They seem to love Natural Balance but I’m having trouble getting supplies as it’s sold out in most places.

I bought Addiction today, and half of my brood ate it, but it has jelly.

What’s wrong with the jelly? Apparently, it’s toxic. It is something close to fabric softener and is banned for humans. Animals don’t live that long, so they figured it can be used for animal food.

I thought I should try Qiut before I write about it, so I did. Qiut is avaiable even in supermarkets since it’s not an expensive brand.

 There are many seafood flavours, but I bought these two to try.

 Bunny and Tiger stamped their approval…with GUSTO!


These are to be used as treats as it’s only fish.

Fish is not a complete protein for cats. Of course cats can eat it, but more as a treat, and not on the long term. Think about it, cats hate water, so how can fish be their natural food? Chicken, bird, or even rabbit or possum might be a more natural choice of food for them. So, for home-cooked, think BIRD – the cat would eat up the whole bird except for its feathers. So, our home-cooked food should be about 95% protein and 5% digested (pre-cooked) veggies.

Updates on 1.1.12, 5.30am – everyone ate Quit except….little Tabs! She took one sniff and walked away!! Maybe she is saying, “Huh? Fish?? Me doesn’t like fish. Me is descended from the leopard. Fish is not Tabs’ food.”






14 responses to “For a more economical brand of canned food”

  1. cindy

    HaH … this is very interesting for me … FISH is not for cats!

    OK. Now I understand why some of my cats hate fish!


  2. Ju Wahid

    Hi Dr Chan,
    I’ve start give Qiut 2 my cats since few month ago & they love it.
    only twice a mth as a treat. They like Tuna flv.
    RM10 for 3 cans. Quite cheap.

  3. Reena Kong

    Hi Dr Chan,

    I thought Addiction is one of the premium brands. I hv been feeding my cats Addiction on both kibbles and wet food. Well, will try the Natural Balance &Go!

    1. chankahyein

      Addiction is, but scoop out the jelly if you can.

  4. BK

    Hi Dr Chan
    Hi Dr Chan

    You can get Natural Balance stuff from the Sea Park Pet Supplies. They are the distributor for Natural Balance.

    Sea Park Pet Supplies
    35 & 37, Jalan SS 2/55, Petaling Jaya (HQ)

    22A, Jalan PJU 5/15, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya (Branch)

    1. chankahyein

      Thanks so much, BK!! So far, it’s my 7 cats’ favourite.

  5. Chen

    I buy nearly all my cat food from Sea Park Pet Supplies. They’ve also imported a new brand of cat food that is not available anywhere else called Kis-Kis. It’s a brand from Holland. There is Kis-Kis can food in 3 flavours. The meat is minced and shaped into firm cubes with jelly-like substance in between. What I do is I’ll wash away the stuff sticking to it with hot water. It does not affect the meat cubes. I also get Avoderm canned food there too. And it’s a bit like Natural Balance canned food except it’s got more water, whereas NB is more “compact”. Quit is also selling there for 3 for RM10.

  6. Devi Narayanan

    Qiut cat food (4 flavours) are sold for 2.90 per can in Sri Kota in Brickfields. Dr Suzannee introduced, and I started buying from Bangsar Village for 3.90 per can. Then I spoke to Sri Kota management and recommended it to the management to get it from TTL suppliers. Finally they have started selling it there for much cheaper price of 2.90 per can. GOOD LUCK

  7. Maneki Neko

    I understand the logic of why cats ‘should’ prefer meat and poultry to fish, but my cats don’t. They don’t understand that logic, and they definitely don’t prefer meat. Following your (and Dr. Susanna’s) advice, I’ve served them chicken dinner, both home-cooked and Evo. One sniff and they paw the floor as if trying to bury it. The neighbourhood strays are cheering — they’re getting all this super-healthy food. Great for them, disastrous for my bank account. We’re seeing Dr. S on Tuesday,so maybe we can figure out a compromise then.

    1. chankahyein

      Hi Maneki,
      Remember Dr S took three years of unrelenting persistence to convert her most challenging cat. She would be the best person to advise you!
      When I first “wanted” to convert my cats, I gave up too soon as none of them wanted home-cooked. I guess with mature cats who have already lived with certain eating habits, it is no easy task.
      Do share what Dr S advises you – we can all learn from it!

  8. Elaine

    My cats only like tuna somehow whether is it canned food or kibble. Kibble that they willing to take are Iams Healthy Naturals & Golden brand from Jusco else Science Diet while canned food : only Fancy Feast by Purina
    (Tried others they reject even if got salmon/chicken in the canned food by Fancy Feast, both will outright reject the food)

  9. Abby Loh

    Hi I am trying to look for Qiut brand food for my kitten as he has been ill since I let him try on Sheba and whiskas brand but he was alright with Qiut. I live in Ara Damansara and the last time I bought Qiut brand was in Puchong which is quite far for me to go to. Is there a nearer place I can buy Qiut brand for my kitten?

    1. chankahyein

      Try Subang Pet Products at 55 SS18/6, Subang Jaya.