Kitten urgently in need of fosterer (Lim Mei Leng’s)

Mei Leng is a rescuer in her own right and she also adopted one of our Klang Pound rescues, Perky. Jenny (a street dog from Puchong, with a very bad leg) was also rescued by her and subsequently rehomed at a no-kill sanctuary after recovering from an amputation of the leg, all sponsored by Mei Leng.

Yesterday, Mei Leng rescued a little kitten and she called me this morning.

Here’s the story:

As per our teleconversation, i rescued this little kitten last night. i have given some milk and water to the kitten. i think the kitten was very hungry and finished it almost immediately. i need someone to foster this little kitten urgently as i am staying in condo, as you know Perky is already so excited and jealous when i hold the kitten, she keep on whining. Further, i am staying alone and no want will take care of the kitten if i away for work. please help me to blog about this kitten. Thank you very much and good day.

Mei Leng will be taking the kitten to a vet for a medical check-up this morning. I explained how to massage the kitten to make it urinate as there has been no pee or poo since the time of rescue, but Mei Leng said the kitten still did not even pee. A vet’s examination would be best.

I’ve also advised Mei Leng to give Pets Own Milk.

Meanwhile, Mei Leng (012-9761958) urgently needs a fosterer for this kitten as Perky is not cat-friendly at all and has attempted to bite the kitten.

It’s a new year, folks, what better time than a fresh year to do a good deed, right?

Think of it not as a “task”, but as a wonderful opportunity to serve the less fortunate and the needy.

Even if you have not fostered or handled a little kitten before, but you have the heart to learn, do please volunteer.

Tips on fostering baby animals:

Our lifespan is only as long as the next moment. Let’s use this next moment to do some good:

1. Help forward this link.
2. Ask your friends if they can help.
3. Volunteer to help, if you can.

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