“Me loves me new cat-sand”, by Tabs

As you know, NONE of my 6 cats use the litter box. And whose fault is it? Mine, of course. When I started with my first brood of Cow, Bunny and Pole, I had not even touched a cat before all my life…until I brought the three 2-day olds home and desperately learnt how to nurse them day-by-day.

I didn’t pay much attention then to litter-box training. I got them a litter box and cat-sand, but soon they all migrated out to the grass and preferred that. I thought it was “better” because it was more “natural”. And we didn’t mind that the grass would die because of the acidity of their urine. As long as the cats were happy, we were happy. That was also how all my cats ended up being free-roaming. I thought it was best to allow them to live as naturally as possible.

I didn’t know any better then.

Then, came other kittens – in, out, in out, and I was so busy fostering, I didn’t know Cow & Bunny had developed the habit of spraying to mark hierarchy.

After months, the spraying got out of hand.

The day Dr Susanna came to do Indy and Bunny’s acupuncture, she was forthright in telling me that I had to re-train my brood to use the litter-box or I’d never be able to solve the problem….yes, for life.

Coincidentally at that time, Tabs had just come. Now, Tabs was litter-box trained and was using that lonely litter-box outside the house (which none of my cats used).

The first cat-sand I bought was supposed to be dust-free but it turned out to be not so. Though it clumped nicely, there was still smell and it wasn’t exactly dry enough.

I was recommended to use Ever Clean.

Please see this: http://www.everclean.com/

 I only managed to get this one – Extra Strength Unscented.
There is also one for multiple cats, which I think is more suitable for my 7-cat family and it is also unscented.
“Unscented” would still be my top priority.

According to the link above, it only has one scented product. The rest are all unscented.

I was told I would need to prepare 7+1 litter boxes for my 7 cats.

Tabs has her litter-box and I have already bought another two more for the new house.

But which litter-sand to use? That would be a big question.

 Tabs was SO excited when she saw me emptying the old sand and washing her litter-box to refill with this new sand.

 Wasting no time, she immediately used it.

See how well it clumps?
It’s as solid as a rock, so scooping up is easy.
There is no smell at all and it is completely dry.

 Me loves me new cat sand.

I’m so glad, I was worried Tabs might react like Lady Faye Yin!

 This is how much she loves her new sand!

 And Tabs even brought out a urine ball to play…oh, my goodness!

 I think Bunny feels better already because he came downstairs to eat in-between meals.
Of course Tabs joined him. Tabs joins everyone for everyone’s meal.

 I don’t believe this, folks.

This is beyond my wildest-ever dream.

And I caught him using it twice too!

Yup, it’s going to be good year ahead, folks.








5 responses to ““Me loves me new cat-sand”, by Tabs”

  1. Connie

    Maybe Tabs, told him got free magic ball after ‘doing it’ inside 🙂

  2. chankahyein

    Ha ha!! My first LOL for 2012!! Thank YOU!

  3. Su Ann

    Good boy Bunny!! In potty training animals, I think perseverance is key! The good thing about cats is that they are 100% easier to potty train than dogs. I am still amazed whenever I have foster kittens (most are stray and have never seen a litter box or cat litter in their lives) and they immediately know what the litter box is for and ALWAYS use it!

    I’ve yet to have a case whereby my foster kittens have failed to use the litter box. Of course, I don’t give them full roam of the house until they are reliable. They start off with just the bathroom, so it’s easier for them to find the litter box when they have to “go”!

    My dogs, on the other hand.. took a very, very long time, and many trying months to be 100% potty trained (they are trained to pee/poop in the yard).

  4. Happy New Year Dr. Chan + 7 cats + 1 Bobby.

    Where did you buy the litter? I would like to try it for my 5 indoor cats.

    And what do you mean by “I was told I would need to prepare 7+1 litter boxes for my 7 cats” ?

    1. chankahyein

      Happy New Year, Adi. I bought mine from Healing Rooms, SS17 but it is also available in many other petstores. We are usually advised to prepare one extra litter box for our colony of cats. Hence, 7 + 1 = 8. I should have 8 litter boxes for my 7 cats since some cats may not want to share. But if your cats share, then you don’t to prepare so many.