A young rescuer’s sharing (Chandrika Ashni’s)

We’ll roll off the new year on a positive note with hope for the future, and as I’ve always said, “Our future lies in the young’.

Here’s a sharing from Chandrika Ashni from Ipoh. Chandrika is 24 years old, studying to be a teacher (welcome to the club!) and has been rescuing animals for sometime now.

I just wanted to share something with you after seeing your blog just now.
I have got a cat just like Tab….Mine is a female cat and her name is Cutey. My 1st cat’s name is Marble….he was my everything….my happiness, joy and my friend but he died attacked by a group of stray dogs. After him we brought Beauty, Gruvy and Johny from JB, from my aunty’s house, we still have Gruvy and Beauty but Johny died just like that in a small age…..But a monk said that he died to save my dad….! He took the pain instead…! Beauty and Gruvy are 13 years old now.
As for Cutey, we found her as a kitten in the drain during a rainy night and she has been with us for 4 years. She gave birth to 3 kittens but 2 died and one survived….His name is Veera. One day i found a orange kitten in the drainage opposite the road and i took her and put her as a playmate for Veera and named her Debby, both really enjoyed each others company but Cutey made a big fuss but as time passed 3 of them played together and made my home as their playground. But fate always played too much and always took the lifes of the special ones…! Debby died hit by a car….it took me days to digest that but we did not find her body……My neighbour told that she saw Debby hit by a car and she said that when she came back to take her Grandson to clinic she did not see my Cat there anymore. So i only have Beauty, Gruvy, Cutey and Veera. I have told you that i have dogs haven’t I, they are Max the oldest a Belgium Shaperd, he is 12, Ponni a mix of Spits and Labror is 7 and Rocky a Rottweiler is 4.
I have attached the picture of my little family…have a look….!
Yours Sincerely,