Happy New Year 2012

Here’s wishing you and all your animals a wonderful year ahead,
filled with love, compassion and forgiveness (for the small and big stuff)!

Happy New Year 2012!!







One response to “Happy New Year 2012”

  1. kttan

    Wishing a Happy and Prosperous New Year for Dr Chan Kah Yein and all those who have help AnimalCare in one way or another. May 2012 see more people involved in fighting for the rights of our animal friends. All living beings, animals and humans have equal rights in sharing planet earth. We do not euthanise our homeless street people and beggars, so why do we put to sleep our homeless street animals? Politicians should show compassion to our animal friends even though they cannot vote. We citizens who love our homeless street animals will vote on their behalf. Let’s practise TNRM, not kill our street animals!