Jane the Kitten is fostered (Lim Mei Leng’s)

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2011/12/31/kitten-urgently-in-need-of-fosterer-lim-mei-lengs/

Good news from Mei Leng:

Dear Kah Yein,

 Happy New Year. Just to inform you that i managed to find a fosterer for Jane (the kitten) yesterday. Really have to thank this lady named Hanie and she is the member of KTAJ. I took Jane for medical check up at the clinic, looking at her surface, she is fine and healthy. I managed to learn from the vet on how to massage the kitten in order to help them to pee and Jane left a solid and well form poo at the clinic as well. The vet said that Jane is about one month old and do not need milk anymore. Jane can eat semi-solid food, true enough, she finish up all the AD that the vet gave and those small kibbles that i gave also. Jane is so active and full of energy to explore my condo. My Perky really going crazy and jealous, haha..Anyway, Hanie told me that, she will bring along Jane for this coming Pet Project event on 7/1/12 for adoption and hope Jane will get adopted, or else, i will have to get her vaccinated after two or three weeks and put Jane back to her colony which, i do not want to. i will update you frequently on Jane and hope you can post it on your blog in order to increase her chances to be adopted. Thanks and good day.
Mei Leng

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