Getting ready to move

 It’s been a month since Bunny started behaving strangely, ie. looking not his usual self and sleeping only upstairs.

This morning, he came down for breakfast with Bobby. Bunny likes the home-cooked food, and for the past month, he has not asked for snacks in between. It does make me wonder if he’s trying to lose weight, as that’s what the vet said he must do. Even Dr Susanna said Bunny is obese and should lose weight lest he might become diabetic. Dr S also said by eating home-cooked, Bunny’s weight should normalise in time.

Maybe Bunny heard this, and he’s doing this for his weight problem?

We’ll never know, will we?

But Dr S also thinks maybe Bunny is worried about us moving, or rather, all the changes and the packing going on in the house. Even our vets think that is possible.

So, I’m doing my best to minimise the “change” for Bobby and all the cats.

Yesterday, we moved our Kipas (our sofa set of more than 20 years) to the new house using Rentco Transport Equipment. This Kipas is going to be the cats’ sofa set now since their smells are all over it. I washed the cushion covers two weeks ago so that there would be enough time to get their scent on it again before we move.

 This is the backroom – it’s going to be the cats’ room (I’ll be renting a space here to do my work). We’ve put the whole Kipas set here and tomorrow, the divider (which the cats use as a shelf to sit on) will be placed here as well.

 The backroom opens up to the backyard, which I plan to call “Bunny’s Place”.

Since Bunny is freaking out due to this move, I thought it’s only fair to name the backyard after him. As you can see, we’ve got cat shelves fixed on the walls already. It’s made of Chengal wood, so it should withstand rain and shine. The two coconut tree stumps will act as their scratching post.

 Here’s a small problem – this is the white cat from the back neighbour’s. She’s been coming to the house every day, and I’m afraid my brood might not allow her in anymore.

Anyway, our move is delayed because the cat purrfect fence isn’t ready yet. This evening, they finally got it done, so we’re moving the cats and Bobby over to the new house first thing at sunrise tomorrow before the Auckland based movers arrive at our present house. Since their room and Bunny’s Place is ready, they can stay there tomorrow while the rest of the house is being moved in. I figured this is better than moving them last. If the movers come in with their container lorry and all the strange people in the house doing more packing, the cats might freak out even more and run away.

 Poor little Tabs have been watching the adults go in and out and I think she wishes she could go out to play in the garden, too. Can’t risk that as she is not street-wise enough. This is the age Suki and Kimba were knocked down on the road.

 We’ve been keeping her occupied with the feather and some games. I’ll send you some photos of this later – she’s really intelligent. Wait for the photos.

 Meanwhile, here’s the cats’ big move for tonight. Seven carriers all ready. Tiger’s baskets all packed. Their towels, too.

 It’s like packing to move with seven young children…!!

 I don’t think Cleo knows what is going on…

So, who is ready to move?

 Me! Me! Me!!!






2 responses to “Getting ready to move”

  1. Wong Yoke Mei

    Hi Dr,

    Great to hear that you are moving. From the looks of it, the new place looks really nice for the kitties. Myself, hubby and 2 cats (Olie & BabyGirl) have moved out recently. I read that you have a cat purrfect fence for the kitties. I am curious to know what that is and how it looks like and maybe it could fit into our house as well? The cat shelves were good ideas. I am now thinking where i could put them up. Now they are just jumping up and down the dining chair and table, and top of the cages……

    I hope all of them settle down nicely.

    Yoke Mei