Me Jane, you Tarzan (Mei Leng’s and Hanie’s)

Mei Leng rescued a little kitten (now named Jane) on New Year’s eve.  Mei Leng needed a fosterer urgently as her dog, Perky, was trying to bite little Jane.


Mei Leng brought Jane to the vet’s for a check-up the next day and the vet said there is no major problems with Jane. On that day itself, Hanie contacted Mei Leng and offered to foster Jane.

From Hanie: Jane lounging in her basket after a heavy lunch of wet food n milk. A messy eater;). So adorable – Hanie.

Thanks, Jane and Hanie, and everyone else who helped, for starting our New Year with this positive story!

Jane is up for adoption. Pls contact Mei Leng (012-9761958) if interested.