The games that Tabs plays

We’ve been going in and out of the house a lot in the past week because there is just so much to do for the new house. But each time we go out, Tabs would be waiting to dash out of the door.

My husband devised a method to keep her occupied with a game so that we can sneak out…


This is called “Find the Feather”.

Method: Drop feather through hold into tall box.

 Here’s Tabs trying to retrieve the feather.

 She uses her paws and claws.

 Then, she uses her teeth.

 Oops, dropped. Never mind, try again.

 Tabs doesn’t give up easily.

 There…it’s almost out!

 YES!! It’s out!

 It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine!!

The next game is called “Find the Feather, Level 2”

Method: Hide Feather behind Favourite Chair.

 Tabs goes looking for it.

 Level of difficulty: 6

 She tries a different angle.

 Keep going, Tabs.

Meanwhile, we have to go out now…

Note to cat-parents: The above games are very useful when luring kittens’ attention away from the door. Enables cat-parents to sneak out easily.

Tabs’ intelligence really, really reminds us of little Suki.