Sunrise…and Bobby and cats arrive at Bunny’s Place

This morning was the “big” move, that is, moving Bobby and the cats over to the new house before the movers turn up to move out the rest of the house.

The cats came back for food and I fed them first. Then, one by one, I put them into their respective carriers. Cleo put up a fight and was the last to be in. We almost thought we’d have to leave her behind and come back to get her this evening.

 All in carriers…except Cleo.

Finally, we got ourselves loaded into the car. Bunny, Indy, Pole and Tabs in my car with Bobby sitting on my lap, and Cow, Cleo and Tiger in my husband’s car. Off we went. I would have taken a photo of the old house as we left, but it was in pitch darkeness as it was only barely 6.30am.

Bunny made himself HEARD throughout the 10-min journey, as expected.

 Here we are, everybody.
Pay respects first, as you enter, please.

No, those two lanterns aren’t supposed to be there! They are for the porch for Chinese New Year.

This is the image of the Gandhara Buddha, a replica of one of the oldest images you can find in the history of Buddhism. See the hair tied up in a bun? That’s how you tell the difference. Gandhara was where the first ancient university was located – the Nalanda University, and the kingdom flourished for 10 millenniums before it was destroyed by conquerors. The site is somewhere in northern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan now.

 Bobby and the cats in their new room.

Open the carrier doors!

 Bunny was the first one out.

And rightfully so, since this is called “Bunny’s Place” now.

Soon the rest stepped out…with caution.

 Tabs was unperturbed.


 It was a truly touching scene when everyone came out and everyone touched noses with each other.

I could almost “hear” them saying, “Are you alright? It’s me here, don’t worry, I’m here. We’re all here. Together.”



 Bunny ventures…

 Tiger and Cleo were the last ones out.


 I open the door to the backyard (the official “Bunny’s Place”) and Bunny and Tabs step out first.

 The rest followed but Cleo only got as far as the door.

 Bunny leads the way…

We have to find a way out, everyone. Follow me!

 Pole and Tabs head straight to the gate, leading out to the rest of the garden.

Pole needs to be FAR away from everyone else. So she goes to the furthest possible corner and attempts to go ever further.





 Bunny, Cow, Pole and Tabs explore every possible “hole”, including the drainholes.

Is there a way out of this place? What if there is a fire? How do we escape? 

 For Bobby, it doesn’t make much difference because he cannot see. He just wants to be near me and he is happy.

 Cow is determined. Here he is, calculating how he might be able to get out of this place.

 Pole thinks maybe she can dig a tunnel out?

 Getting Tiger to come out, but he is too scared.

 Even his baby basket fails to entice him out. He goes back into the room where he feels safer.

 Our little Tabs ventures on.


 We brought Indy out too, but he was too scared as well.

 Pole is still looking for a way out.

 Hey bro, you thinking what I’m thinking?


 After staring at the car purrfect fence for about half an hour, Pole spotted a tiny gap between the fence and the wall. But don’t worry, we too spotted that and it’s been nailed quite tightly save for a tiny gap which I doubt even Tabs can go through. There is no foothole for them to pry open the gap also.



 Do you think we could escape through this drainhole?



 The neighbour’s white cat came to look-see from the roof.
What’s all the commotion? 

 Cleo and Indy prefers the Kipas sofa. Under it, of course.


 Pole is still looking for a way out.

 There must be way…

 She tries every shelf.

 Calming and comforting Cleo. She’s very, very scared.

 Well, Indy….can this be your car? No need to go out looking for a car to sit under anymore, okay?

 After an hour’s adventure outside, the group come into the room.
All except for Cow and Pole. These two still need to look for the escape route.

 Post-breakfast snack, everyone!

Come on!!

 Indy was too freaked out to eat.

 Cow & Bunny are still doing their “quantity surveying’” to design an escape route.

 By then, Tabs had finished THREE portions, including her own.


 Bunny didn’t feel like eating.

 The sun is up. Cleo looks out but still dare not venture out.

 Bunny finally eats a bit.

 Cleo needs to be exceptionally sure before she steps out.
What if there is danger out there?
Your mum and uncles have surveyed and checked out the place, Cleo. It’s safe, don’t worry.

 Feliway and Vetri DMG…my supports for the move.

 They don’t give up, do they?

 Nope…it’s called feline persistence, and we humans are no match.

 I can only hope Pole colonises this shelf as it’s the furthest from the rest. Let’s hope she will give up trying to escape after sometime.

After another half hour…


 Little Tabs has no problems settling in.

 After all, hasn’t she just moved from somewhere to our house, so moving house is probably “nothing new” to her.

Been there, done that.

 Bunny decides to share Pole’s place.
Luckily the shelf is long enough.

 Bunny also spots the same gap.
Cats…they are just so, so observant, aren’t they?

 Bunny the chameleon? His off-white is the same colour as the wall!

 Share, please, Pole.
He ain’t heavy, he’s your brother.

 We’ll share, don’t YOU worry.

 I foresee fun and challenge in the next few weeks…wish me luck!

The house isn’t exactly 100% ready yet, but I cannot delay the move anymore as I start work next week. So, for the next few days, there would still be workers coming in to do work, and I’ll have to confine all the cats in the room. I don’t think it would be that bad as long as they have the room.

One shelf has to be relocated too. We had not foreseen the possibility of it being used as a step up the roof! And, I’m also getting a cat-grille made at the door of the room so that we don’t have to close the door all the time and the cats get to look out into the living hall and kitchen. We had not thought of all these additional safety features until yesterday! So much for foresight!



 Cleo and Indy are STILL under the sofa.

 Tiger, too.

 Bunny conquers all the “high-rises” first.
This is the pantry where I’ll cook their food.

 Yes, still there.

 Tiger also wants to play it safe.

 Here’s Bunny’s Place for now.

The purrfect fence is not quite ready yet. The contractor will be coming to make the finishing touches later today. I’ll take another photo then.

I’ll be busy for the rest of the day when the human stuff gets moved in later.

Am just so relieved we’ve brought Bobby and the cats over already. The rest can come later.






6 responses to “Sunrise…and Bobby and cats arrive at Bunny’s Place”

  1. Feeling happy for you!

  2. Catherina

    Bunny and the gang will be happy living in the new house..and Dr, you will have a good night sleep without worrying about their safety when they go outside.. Happy!

  3. Wil Yong

    Beautiful cat’s place!

  4. Su Ann

    Very nice work on the cat-proofing! Hope that the cats don’t find a way to escape.. and Tabs, I like her–so feisty and confident! Love her attitude.

  5. Maneki Neko

    Congratulations to your whole family on moving into your new home! May it be a place of many blessings for all. 🙂

  6. Peggy Quah

    Ah home at last! Hope they will settle down soon and all will be safe for them. As long as they dont learn how to open doors, should be fine. If you intend to keep them in, must not have doors that open with handle, knobs should keep them in. My front door had a handle bar and my One learn how to go out as she pleases!