2 narrow-escaped pups need a good home ( Teh Boon Chuan’s)

From Teh Boon Chuan:

A month ago, a mother dog and 2 puppies are spotted at setia alam’s shop lots area. They always sleep and rest at one of the corner shop lot, which is the ex-mamak’s restaurant that currently unoccupied. The mother dog is very friendly and with collar (believe that she has a home previously and been thrown to the street then). Even though there are numbers of restaurants nearby (guess no worry of starving), however, they need to go across the road every time to look for foods, there are always high traffic flow during day time, and even night time during dinner hour. I know that they are in high risk of knock down by car since the 2 puppies are still very young (3-4 months), but I cannot take them home or even foster them as I already have 2 dogs and 5 cats (both in my house and compound), further more, I have a Muslim neighbor that dislike dogs and I have been warned by local authority due to the neighbor had logged a complaint. So, I visit them (and fed them) every night after work (I only manage to do that after work) and pray everyday that they are safe. Unfortunately, last 2 weeks, in a Sunday morning, the mother dog was found dead in the middle of the road, 2 puppies were missing. The remaining body of the mother dog was collected and cremated. Then, I had gone round and round to search for the puppies, but none of them found. I was very worry but have to leave. On the same night, I went out to search the puppies again, they are found at few shop lots away from the ex-mamak’s restaurant, laying under a car, I approached them and they were wagging their tail (pity them, they did not know that their mother already passed away). but one of them did not come out, I tried to move her out, she was struggling in pain and pee during the move, she even cannot stand up then, her hind legs are paralyzed (i suspect the incident of mother dog and puppy was due to accident at the mid night). It was night time and there was not vet. Then my wife and I are decided to take them home (together with her sister, another pup) since they were so attached with each other. We cannot care any longer and already be prepared if we get a complaint later on (It will be only one night and we will send them to a vet in the next morning). We bring them home and place them in our bathroom; the door is left open with fencing. Thank god, we were lucky as the 2 puppies are so lovely and they stay quietly without making a loud noise and give us a fussy night (only the time they want to poo in the early morning). On the next day, they were sent to vet for checking, the puppy was diagnose as pelvis fracture, what a poor puppy, she was given the treatment and hope that she is going to recover soon. Another puppy is in a healthy condition. They are now still boarding at the vet clinic. We hope that if any kind hearted or doggie lover can adopt them and they give them a new lovely home. 

012- 285 6955/ 012- 210 2833

 The healthy pup

 The one with the pelvis fracture.