Abandoned Maltese mix Poodle, for adoption (Lee’s)

Lee shared this:

Dear Dr. Chan,
Apparently there is another case of abandoned pet and we would like to seek your help to publish it on your blog.
I am writing on behalf of a facebook friend named Leann, who found this cutie dog roaming around the street and almost hit by a car.
Leann is so kind to take this cutie back to her house and sent for grooming, did tick treatments, etc. She also has been trying her best to locate the owner by printing flyers and asked around, unfortunately no one came and claimed this dog. Therefore this dog have to go for adoption as Leann also have other dogs around and they cant get along this new comer.
Enclosed herewith dog’s picture before and after grooming.
Dog Info:
Name: Mr. Baby ( named by Leann )
Age : 1-2 Years Old
Breed: Maltese mix Poodle
Size : Very small
Gender : Male
Condition: Healthy
For those interested adopters, may write directly to Leann”s email:leann_mimo@hotmail.com
Thank you for your help Dr. Chan.
Best Regards,

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