Cow dethrones himself….or found a new throne?

Cow as king in the old house, but yesterday, upon reaching the new house, he was completely lost.

To make matters worse, when one of the workers came to relocate the cat shelf, Cow went completely berserk. He ran helter-skelter, scaled the eight-foot wall and fell with the thump on the floor.

He was totally crazy.

I tried to catch him, but he was too scared, so I had to use the carrier. Grabbed him and plonked him in.

 Phew! That was close…

Cow stayed inside the carrier (even though I opened the door) inside the room even after the worker had left. He was absolutely freaked out.

After that, maybe Cow felt ashamed, because he exiled himself to the furthest corner in Bunny’s Place…

 He remained here for the entire afternoon until late evening…

 Pole had already colonised this shelf, and she was willing to share it with Bunny.
Cow remained underneath…we felt he had dethroned himself…Poor Cow.

 Later in the evening, Tiger plucked up Courage and came out to Bunny’s Place.
He wanted very much to join the “outside crew” as well, since by age, Tiger is fourth in line.

 But Pole hissed at poor Tiger and Tiger went away.
Poor Tiger…

But that would be cat politics, and we can’t really interfere much…

Tiger would just have to find his own space.

And he did! Attaboy, Tiger!

 By night time, Cow had probably settled his “issue”, so he came out from his hiding place (the dethroned seat) and came back to the room. I think (hope!) there was no severe damage done to his self-esteem…. But with cats, you’ll never know.