Pole-proofing the sidegate

 Vertical rods soldered to make the gaps more narrow (like the ones below the horizontal bar).

The contractors arrived while I was out, and they started work from the outside. Cow was the only one lounging in Bunny’s Place at that time (the rest were having a siesta in the room). Cow must have totally freaked out. When I came back, I found him hiding in a corner.

I quickly carried him into the room and…

He hid under the Kipas sofa.

 Bunny was sitting on the sofa.

 Pole was on a cushion, on the sofa.

 Tiger was in his baby basket.

 Cleo was on the favourite chair.

 Indy on the cat-rack, but lowest rung.

 The one who was either completely nonchalant or oblivious to the goings-on outside (all the drilling sounds and the soldering sparks) – Tabs!

It took about 2 hours, the soldering and painting…

 It’s done now…do you think it’s pole-proofed enough?

 When I opened the door to let them out, Pole was the first to check out the new gate, followed by her brothers.

 Pole stared at the new rods for sometime, and then, decided to check out the drainhole instead.

 Give me some time to study this…
She sits facing the sidegate now…to study it.

 I doubt Cow is planning any escape. Cleo…maybe.

 Me ain’t going nowhere…

 I may seem like I’m asleep, but…

Tonight, or rather, tomorrow early morning, we shall see…

I don’t actually mind her going out, as long as she keeps herself safe. I’m just a little paranoid at this point in time because we’ve only moved over for barely a day and I’m worried the cats might decide to run away back to the old house. But yesterday, Pole escape, yet she did not attempt to go back to the old house. But I actually don’t know how long she had been out before I discovered it. Better take all precautions, and if it still fails, at least I’ve tried.






3 responses to “Pole-proofing the sidegate”

  1. cindy

    Hello KY,

    Not trying to scare you. Do you think you can put some plastic cap over those iron-bars? My old-neighbours (I adopted her 2 cats when she passed away 3 years ago) had one of her cats pierced and killed by something look just like those iron bars.

    Cats are very smart but accident can occurred. In her case the cat was chased by the neighbourhood kids and tried to jump over the gate …. awful death.


  2. Chen

    I agree with Cindy. Another possibility is a cat with a collar may try to get through and make a slip up and the collar gets caught onto the exposed end. May choke the cat to death. Scary.

    All the best! By the way, my cats are also expert drain hole covers removers 🙂

  3. Cathy

    Very nicely done! Though I do concur with Cindy and Chen about the exposed rods. Pole may jump onto the first horizontal bar, then try to leap onto the second horizontal bar, miss and have an accident with the exposed portion. Everyone does look to be settling in nicely at Bunny’s place.