Pak Din needs homes for his dogs and puppies

Chew has been the contact person between Pak Din and us since his plight was highlighted to us. He is the one who ferries our dogfood contributions to Pak Din, and in short, Chew helps Pak Din a lot. Sometimes, Wuan helps out as well.

A few days ago, Chew told me Pak Din’s puppies were ill again, and it’s suspected poisoning (again). I offered our medical subsidy for their treatment.

For those who new to this blog, Pak Din is a faded musician, now elderly, without a job or a house. He lives in a make-shift shack in Gombak, in a neighbourhood, which unfortunately, does not look kindly upon dogs.  Even though he has nothing, Pak Din takes it upon himself to look after the stray dogs in the neighbourhood and also 8 cats. He gets them all spayed-neutered at Klinik Kembiri, and when sick, he gets them treated at the vet’s. We have been helping him with petfood for his animals and also with the medical bills.

There is no water or electricity at his shack, but he gets to use the facilities at an orphanage nearby. A few months ago, there was news that the orphanage would hire him as a driver (thereby letting him earn some money) to ferry the children to school, but this did not materilise.

Below are updates from Chew regarding Pak Din’s sad situation. Seeing how his dogs’ wellbeing is at stake and how unwelcomed Pak Din’s deed are to the residents in his community, shall we all help by sourcing for a place or individuals who might be able to take in his dogs and puppies, as well as give Pak Din a job?

Hi Kah Yein,
Visited Din today with the vet from the clinic. Vaccinated all the 6 puppies and the adult dog Wong Choy.
Deworming medication was also given plus some medication for one of the young dogs which appear ill.
The vet said that they are old enough to be neutered. All the dogs also need to be treated for ticks and fleas.
The senior vet was not available today and do not know what will be the treatment costs. Will advise later and make an application for subsidy.
As for Din he’s been asked to vacate his place due to his dogs which are running around which is taboo for this particular muslim neighborhood. He’s trying very hard to get permission to stay at another disused lot but everything seems uncertain. His driving job at the orphanage did not materialize due to his ‘unmuslim’ behavior, as perceived by the residents here.
I’m trying to see if anyone who has an orchard or small farm looking for a caretaker, which I think may fit well for Din because his dogs can have space to roam and double up as farm guard. If you come across anyone with a farm and looking for someone, please sound out this possibility.
Attaching some photos in a zip file and hope you can open them.

Thanks again,


If you’d like to help Pak Din, please communicate directly with Chew 016-3281210.

UPDATES at 9am:

I have spoken with a friend and with Chew to get more details, we are now sourcing options for Pak Din.

a. Driver’s job – Pak Din is 64 and has a valid driver’s license.

b. Caretaker’s job – Pak Din is of good health and is sturdy. He ought to be able to do this job.

c. Pak Din is a retired musician; he plays several instruments and used to play in a band way back in his hey-day. He could also work as a musician even now, and he harbours that dream.

Pak Din’s preference is to re-locate WITH all his 6 puppies and 1 adult dog (Wong Choy), and his 8 cats. He loves them as his companions and would very much like to keep them with him.

Chew says there is an urgent need right now for wire netting or materials (for more details, pls contact Chew directly) to barricade Pak Din’s shack so that his puppies will not run out and run the risk of being poisoned. If you know of any building contractors who may have such materials, please contact Chew as this is urgent. We have also offered to purchase the materials for Pak Din from the donation below, but Chew would prefer to re-use old material, if there is any. There is a make-shift barricade right now, but a stronger one is preferred to safeguard the little puppies.

We have a donation for Pak Din, from Wine Dogs TB and EE – these funds will be channeled to Pak Din for his needs.

We will also be donating a pack of dogfood to Pak Din for his dogs. It is from our Food Fund.

Chew will talk to Pak Din and advise him to perhaps get the puppies adopted, if need be.

Let’s put our hearts and heads together, and help Pak Din.

It’s the new year, let’s help him get off to a good start.




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2 responses to “Pak Din needs homes for his dogs and puppies”

  1. Pooi Ling

    What abt redirecting Pak Din to MDDB HWH? If i remembered correctly, MDDB is looking for people to assist with the day-to-day operations of the HWH.

  2. dear dr chan kah yein,
    this is the first time i am viewing your website though i know you operated it for sometime.i have assisted Din in the initial stages and i must admit that i did ask him to give away a few puppies so that he can manage his life better but i dont understand an animal lover too well so I may have stepped on his toes so to speak!
    I will continue to work with Chew to help him in someways but Chew will be the main contact person.
    on another note i have not found any animal care centre in siem reap so far but will send out more feelers this last one week i will be in siem reap.till then thanks for all the care for the 4 foots specimen you are so passionate about and all the best.wuan thong lok from siem reap.