Bobby’s acupuncture

Dr Susanna came today, for Bobby’s and Bunny’s acupuncture.

 For Bobby, it would be for his spleen and kidneys.

It’s acupuncture for his general wellbeing so that he won’t “vegetate” all the time.

 Bunny came to oversee everything.

 Tabs wanted the doggie-treat as well!

Dr S took a look at Bunny and said Bunny would not be needing treatment today. Somehow, ever since we moved, Bunny appeared to be much better. Maybe it’s the vibes in this place, or maybe it’s because this place is named after him!

Dr S and I got talking and she did agree that some cats just do not like to be confined. She told me about a case where two cats went neurotic when they were confined. Some cats just need to be “far away” as they want their own space. And they decide, not us. Keeping them somewhere where they are no happy would actually be bad to for their mental wellbeing.

I was telling Dr S about Pole who keeps wanting to escape. Dr S said not to worry, because they would normally come back for food and they have a very keen sense of smell. They will smell their way back.

No sooner had I seen Dr S out the door when I noticed Pole was missing from Bunny’s Place….

Sigh…please read on.