The “Pole-ish” escapade story continues…

Ever since Pole’s daring one-of-a-kind escapades yesterday (and TWICE within a few hours), I have been trying my best to keep my sanity.

I had no other better option than to lock her in the cage for a few hours while I was attending yesterday’s TPPM briefing and even later, when I had to pack tshirts and prepare for today’s event.

I did let her out for a few minutes at a time, but under very close supervision.

And each time, she would head for the sidegate in preparation to jump.

Sigh, Pole, MUST you go out?

I guess for her, it is a MUST because she isn’t comfortable being near to the rest of the clan even though nobody dares to bully her nowadays. It is usually Pole hissing at everyone else.

I think I know what Pole wants – just to continue her lifestyle of lounging at the neighbours and coming back for meals. That’s how she had been living for the last 4 years in my old neighbourhood. But here, in this new place, she chose our next-door neighbour and I do not know if they mind the presence of a cat in their house. They also have a big dog. And I certainly wouldn’t want to offend the neighbour having just moved into this neighbourhood for 3 days only! You know the things that cats like to do – scratching, sitting on top of cars, rubbing on furniture, pee-ing, poo-ing, etc.

The neighbour behind might have been a better choice since I know they used to keep cats and rabbits, though they don’t have anymore now. Or even the other neighbour on the other side. But Pole has chosen, and it is THIS neighbour. All said, I’m not assuming anything (that they might not like cats). I just don’t want to offend anyone, just in case.

We have considered various options now:

1. Reinforce the sidegate further (thanks to the website sent by some of you, I have some options now).

2. Let her be free, and pray for the best. I’m quite certain she is not going anywhere far, judging from her three escapades so far. She just wants to lounge at the neighbours and does not want to be near the rest of the clan. But escaping by jumping onto the 8-foot wall isn’t safe and the bigger problem is, she cannot get back into Bunny’s Place. We tried twice to lead her to the dustbin slab, but she could not understand that. She would only go as far as halfway up to the front and she would stop, and jump into the neighbour’s. The consolation here is that she does not dare to go further than that, which is “good”,  I guess.

3. Let her roam the rest of the house while the 6 others get Bunny’s place with the adjacent room. Pole just wants her own space, away from all other cats. But this would also mean she would go to the neighbour’s.

Think, think, think….

Meanwhile, the rest of them seem contented and there has been no escapades. Well, Cleo is still “looking” at possibilities. The boys are all very contented.

This morning, after breakfast, they all bee-lined to the sidegate and later, lounged in the “clubhouse”, before retiring to the room, on their own. Pole had time off in the garden too, but she was about to jump out…sigh.

 This is Contentment at its Best – Indy.

 Bunny’s throne in Bunny’s Place.

 Cow takes my table.


 Lil Tabs and her feather.

 Pole..sorry, Pole.

 Tiger coming back from the garden.







One response to “The “Pole-ish” escapade story continues…”

  1. loh lay peng

    Dear Sis,what abt keeping Pole in the cage for a few days?during these few days only let her out when u r around to watch him.mayb this will keep him off going out.MAY ALL BE WELL N HAPPY