The Pet Project Malaysia 2012

Today was the big day of  TPPM!

 Nandhini and I arrived at 10am to set up our booth.

 Soon, Siew Ee and family arrived and brought the cookies over for us to sell – 9 varieties in all.
Yum, yum…we were hungry already.

Together with Siew Ee, our young helpers came – Hillary, Zena and Guan.

 Terry Saw arrived next.
An event is the time the AnimalCare helpers have a reunion of sorts.

 This is my niece, Yi Ying with Hillary.
This is the first time we have teenage helpers.


 Winnie came much earlier, and also was here yesterday, to help me set up the “hardware”.

 Guan, Zena’s brother, who is only 15.

 Visitors at our booth.

The founder of H.O.P.E. (a shelter in JB) came over and told me about their plight – the number of abused animals in JB and how awareness is quite lacking over there, if compared with Singapore and the Klang Valley. They currently have 700 over animals at their shelter and fund-raising is difficult. Their medical bills run up to thousands every month. I offered to help them with their spay-neuter and medical bills, as far as we can. We will help as long as they apply according to our our policies (submit photo by email, original receipt and form). This was explained to two of their volunteers.

 Renmi, another teenage helper.

 The other NGOs.

 Bernice and her husband, Donovan, helped out as well.

Didn’t get Donovan’s picture today.

We did not have time to participate in any of the workshops since we were busy manning the booth, but our young helpers did and they had a lot of fun. It was a very hot and humid day, and cold Milo helped A LOT!

Many thanks to everyone who had dropped by our booth to visit, buy our tshirts and cookies, to take our books and other stuff. Thank you for your support and friendship. It was really nice to meet many readers of the blog who came by to introduce themselves.

Thank you very much to all our helpers, Nandhini, Terry, Winnie, Bernice, Donovan, Yi Ying, Hillary, Zena, Guan and Renmi.

And a huge thank you to the organiser of this event, Sabrina Saw, for making this possible.