Cow and Pole stories

Yesterday was a truly happy day at Bunny’s Place as far as Pole was concerned. I let her out after the morning cleaning and she made two failed attempts to jump out (she could not get a proper foothold on the first horizontal bar, so she let herself fall). I put her back into the cage and she was quite upset, so she really messed up the litter and the cage. Had to clean up her place many times.

By afternoon, after a few hours of quarantine, I let her out again and this time, she was quite contented sleeping on the shelves. She made no attempts to jump out again, though she did stare at the gate many times, looked up and down, surveying…

 Later, she slept for many hours on this shelf. Maybe it’s also because it was partially covered by these curtains, so she felt safer.

Meanwhile, inside the room Cow had not eaten for 24 hours. Two days ago, he had vomited almost all his food out after every meal, so I let him fast (since he himself had not wanted to eat after that).

I finally found my small induction cooker and managed to cook them a home-cooked meal.

Cow ate the home-cooked food! Smart boy…he decided he did not want canned food. Only home-cooked.

 Here’s Cow having a good old fashioned home-cooked meal.

 He finished it all and there was no vomiting.

 By night time, all was peaceful at Bunny’s Place.

Pole had spent many hours out of the cage by then, and she had not made any attempt to escape.

Why, she even came into the room and slept on the sofa for sometime.

 If only I could get some assurance from Pole that she would not try to escape, I wouldn’t have to lock her in the cage anymore.

Last night, to play safe, I put her back into the cage.

And the baby girl, Tabs, has been having a grand time playing with the toy mouse Cathy brought for her.

A funny thing happened with Indy too. He did not get up for breakfast yesterday, so I thought I’d let him sleep on and feed him later. He ended up not getting up the whole day until dinnertime!! Even then, we had to wake him up. He ate a lot at dinner! Then, he went back to sleep. Maybe he’s just so comfortable in this new place OR he’s using sleep to help himself cope with the change of environment (Anxiety? What anxiety? Me sleep it off.) This morning, I carried him out for breakfast, and he ate a lot.

Everyone else is okay….






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  1. Agnes

    Wondering if this will work for Pole…ie if she feels safe hiding behind the curtains…by hanging a curtain or a wooden blind there as a permanent thing.

    Or creating a safe hiding place for her at a corner, eg the corner of the wall below the ‘opening’ in the netting…by shifting the plants out from the wall to form a safe triangle? No, this may be too much to do if Pole doesn’t like it. Can try this out? Prop up a piece of plywood (if contractor has a piece lying around) in between the 2 tree stumps in that corner.