Please pray for Pole to come home safely

I have enlisted the help of a psychic. He feels Pole is now lost and is trying to find her way back to my old house. He said to give it 2-3 days and search in my old house. But this psychic does not know how far it is for a cat to travel from my new house to the old one.

It is just too far and too dangerous for Pole to get back to my old house. The traffic is bad and too heavy. The journey is too far.

I’ve asked him to please try to communicate with Pole and get her to come back to the new house.

I’ve got another friend who does reiki to do the same.

I know they can only try their best.

Please pray and send positive vibrations that Pole may come back safety to me.


 These are photos taken of Pole in the last 6 days in the new house.

Could you please help send positive vibrations and messages to Pole to return to all of us in the new house?

Maybe we should also think positively and not think about Pole trying to get back to the old house, but think of her coming home here. Thoughts and mental pictures can sometimes turn into reality.

Thank you.

Updates: My husband has scoured the entire neighbourhood, looked into the back row of houses, called for her. There is no sign of Pole anywhere. I wasn’t so worried initially because in those three times that she had escaped, she did not even dare venture halfway to the front lawn. She just stayed within a few metres of Bunny’s Place (on the 8-foot wall, on the neighbour’s roof, at the back neighbour’s lawn), and she kept coming back, sitting on the wall looking at us. But now, after what the psychic has said, I’m really very worried.

Everything remains just a hypothesis, based on feelings and knowledge.

Please pray that Pole will come home safely soon.

Thank you.







3 responses to “Please pray for Pole to come home safely”

  1. Susleen

    Pole could most probably sleeping somewhere, could be in the house itself or nearby your home. She will be back.

  2. Connie

    Oh my! Hope Pole is safe & home by dinner. Maybe that collar with GPS tracking device is good to put on Pole?

  3. Yen Ling

    Pole, come home. Praying for Pole. Dr. Chan, stay strong!