Pole refuses to come down (6.40pm)

I spotted Pole on the roof again just now, so I quickly called her.

She mewed and walked down the roof, but stopped.





 As you can see from the photos, she just strutted on the roof, rubbed herself on the tiles and refuses to go to my husband. It was a classic case of “so near yet so far”. I am now not sure if she is too scared to come down or she simply refuses to come to us because she is tired of being confined and wants her freedom.

 She finally went over the roof to the front and we lost sight of her again.

My concern now is to make sure she is safe and not dehydrated. I don’t know if there is any water source up there on the roof, but hopefully the gutters have some water in it.

If we can get Pole eventually, I just want to feed her some food and make sure she is safe.

Cow has been worried all afternoon and evening, mewing continuously. I can’t decide if I feel more sorry for Cow, for Pole or for myself.