I’m…dreaming of a….big cage?

Sung to the tune of White Christmas:

I’m dreaming of a big cage…
The one that’ll keep Pole safe.
Where there’s space to stretch,
And platforms to jump on,
To keep her away from the rooftops…

Sorry folks, I’ve gone slightly cuckoo, so please excuse the extremely lame lyrics up there….

 Yups, this is my dream…

Waiting for the 3-tiered cage and hope that’ll solve my problems once and for all.

Also, I managed to plead for the contractor to come today with the polycarbonate vertical piece for the sidegate and the polycarbonate piece to secure the gap at the gutter. And also the cat-grille, which isn’t of great importance (this is to prevent Cow & Bunny from going into the rest of the house as that was the deal when we moved – the cats get their space, but Cow & Bunny will not go into the rest of the house to spray!

And I can only HOPE that my nightmares won’t recur after these fixtures….






4 responses to “I’m…dreaming of a….big cage?”

  1. Susleen

    A cat room would be a better choice I think, instead of cage.

    1. chankahyein

      Susleen, maybe you’ve missed my previous posts. We already have a cat-room.

  2. Dawn Tan

    Hi KY, how all the moving went well and everybody’s settling down. I saw this 3-tier cage on sale at RM294 (wholesale price if they accumulated 7 buyers) at: http://www.catsgarden.com.my/product_info.php/products_id/238 tot you might want to check it out.
    They always have something on wholesale promotion. We bought a large cat tree for Rm275, then they had cat/dog tags for Rm12 (with engraving) if they reach minimum of 25 orders (u can still email them for this if u can find 25 orders).

    All the best for 2012!

  3. Dawn Tan

    Oh gosh, I meant to say ‘hope all the moving went well’. Btw, just read your other blogs about Pole’s escape at dawn. Haha, yes…it is better to laugh than to moan 🙂

    They are not only smarter, they are also more cunning!
    My cat sat beside me watching me sweat and moan trying to tie a net to the sliding grill to keep him in. Right after I was grinning at my accomplishment, he casually walked past me and effortlessly squeezed out at the gap between the sliding grill and sliding door, sat outside n looked back at me. What?!?!?! Why did he have to wait till I finished struggling w the net, to show me that I was doing something useless????
    He had the look of content on his face :p