Pole STILL in cage at 12.48pm

I’m almost going to freak out already, worrying if Pole made another escape attempt from the cage, but phew! She did not not.

While teaching, I did worry. What if something unexpected happened?  Like maybe, someone left the sidegate open, and Cow leads everyone out, and they were now marching down the road, in single file, all seven of them, trying to find the way back to the old neighbourhood. When that vision appeared in my mind, I freaked out.

A friend told me when he was a child, he was naughty. He used to take his grandma’s cats on the BUS, travel 25 miles up the trunk road to a cemetery and left the cats there. He said EVERY single adult cat came back to his grandma’s house. It would take two weeks, and they would be emaciated and dirty but EVERY single one came back. Only the kittens did not. As though by some poetic justice, he is now a bigtime rescuer in his own right, making up for his naughty childhood ways.

Here she is now, getting some sun.

I would like to let her out for a while to stretch, but just think, the contractor is supposed to come soon to do the additional safety fixtures. I can wait.

Can you wait a bit, Pole?

Because if you escape again, I think I may well collapse already. As it is, I haven’t had enough sleep for days now. Every night, since the day we moved in, someone had escaped or something would happen.

I think I need to catch a short nap before the contractor comes.






2 responses to “Pole STILL in cage at 12.48pm”

  1. anne

    hope that you will be fine… sure you have to take care of yourself also if not many will be worried… stay strong… and be healthy….wishing you the best….

  2. Zalina

    Dear Pole..please don’t go anywhere,,there are too danger out there..KY, i think i miss Blueys so much…please ask Andy to update their story..tq