Supper at Bunny’s Place

The cats got up after their evening siesta and since I’m still awake marking papers and doing the laundry, and since I’ve just cooked a batch of food for tomorrow, why not give everyone a supper treat in celebration of Pole’s return?

Chicken and some other minced meats given by a friend, carrot, celery, hairy cucumber, a bit of sweet potato and pumpkin. An honest-to-goodness home-cooked meal.

 It took some “rehab” to get the clan back to eating home-cooked again after almost 6 days of canned food. I could not find my induction cooker after we moved! And the supplier has not sent the new induction cooker for my kitchen.

Initially, they refused to eat, so I added some canned food and that did the trick. But only with Tiger, Cow, Bunny and of course, little Tabs. Cleo had walked away already. Pole was too tired to eat. But she had already eaten 3/4s of the canned food earlier, after her return.

 Cow only wants home-cooked. He actually did not even touch the canned food at all.

 Tiger had to be enticed with a bit of canned food, after that, he asked for more home-cooked.

I noticed that everyone loves the soup. They’d lick it all up first. Then, go for the meat and veggies.

 Cleo, please, please, please tell me you’re not following in your mum’s footsteps, please. No more escapes, please. I only have one heart and my life has been shortened enough as it is.

 Cow shares Bobby’s home-cooked.

 This is contentment personified. Indy has been eating only one meal for the last 2 days. I don’t know why. But he seems okay so I will let him be. He does eat heartily in that one meal per day.







One response to “Supper at Bunny’s Place”

  1. Wong Yoke Mei

    Hi Dr Chan,
    Since your cats are on home cooked meal, may i know how you maintain their dental health? I tried to apply some dental gel recommended by my vet, and they absolutely hated it. Now when i bring out the bottle they will run for their lives, so i stopped it. Don’t want them to hate me for cleaning their teeth.