Indy’s condition – a repeat, again

I got back from work today and rushed Indy and Tabs to the vet’s.

Indy has been sleeping for the past few days, hardly moving. The only consolation is that he still eats heartily, but only when I bring food for him. Yesterday, I brought him out to the grass and noticed he was limping again. For me, the symptoms and the expression on his face is EXACTLY the same as his previous mysterious condition which landed him (and me!) in hospital. X-Rays and ultra-sound was done and there was no conclusion as to what was wrong with me. But because he was given Baytril, he developed some sort of “resistance” (mental or otherwise) to it, and started vomiting followed by not eating anymore. We suspect he developed an aversion towards the taste of Baytril (our vet has submitted a complaint to the company regarding this as Baytril is supposed to be beef-flavoured and tasty) and that put him off food. Indy was finally given Trixone antibiotic injections and Dr Susanna did acupuncture on him too. Throughout this period, he also had fever. Finally, the worst was over and Indy “got well”. The vet suspects (the closest diagnosis, based on the symptoms) Indy had toxoplasmosis and his body sorted itself out. We were going to start on Clindamycin (the recommended antibiotic for toxoplamosis) already if his fever persisted, but somehow, the fever subsided the very next day. There is no test kit available for toxoplasmosis, Apparently there is, but we do not know of any vets who carry the product.

 Indy at the vet’s.

 Tabs came as well as she needed to be vaccinated.

 Tabs made a racket at the vet’s, with behaviour most unbecoming of her “crossbreed” genes.
She behaved worse than a street cat!

But once she was let out of the carrier and was inside the room, she was her usual dominant self, exploring every nook and corner and even fought when the vet examined her. The vet remarked Tabs wasn’t even afraid of water, which is quite rare and as expected, her behaviour was very dominant.

The vet said Tabs is expected to be a “big” cat when she grows up.

Hmm…as big as Bunny?

She is 2.7 kg now.

So Tabs had her first vaccination today.

Then, it was Indy’s turn.

The vet confirms Indy is having exactly the same symptoms as his previous case, except that this time, he has no fever (that’s a relief!). It is his right hind leg that is limping and when the vet pressed his back, Indy legs went “flat out” again. This is exactly the same as the last time. Indy also hunches when he walks. There is definitely a pain there.

In fact, for me, the look that Indy gives me is also exactly the same as the last time. It’s almost creepy.

The vet suspects that the toxoplasmosis (or whatever the illness was) was not totally cured. We just managed it, or Indy’s body just sorted itself out and he “recovered” or so we thought, but the condition is still present. Now, with the stress of moving, etc., the illness has resurfaced. One of the symptoms of toxoplasmosis is neurological signs. Indy’s limping and the pain in his back could be a symptom.

The vet was able to express a lot of urine (which is, again, not normal) and a urinalysis will be done. The urine was a healthy colour (thank goodness!). The results will only be known tomorrow.

The plan for now is to put Indy on “safe” supplements – Vetri DMG, Neurobion and Denzo.

Until tomorrow, that’s all we can do now.

The vet also does not want to simply start Indy on any antibiotics because in the previous experience, all hell broke loose when he was given Baytril (we understand, of course, it may not be the drug, but Indy’s own negative reaction to the drug). With the benefit of hindsight and experience, we would want to tread more carefully and wisely this time round.

I’ve asked Dr Susanna for another acupuncture session for Indy but she is fully booked and the next available slot is on 19th January.


 Indy just wanted to hide. He squeezed under the cover of his carrier!


 Cow welcomes Indy and Tabs as they reached home.

Indy hides under the sofa.







3 responses to “Indy’s condition – a repeat, again”

  1. Azura

    poor Indy:(praying for quick recovery dear Indy. u r dearly luv. be strong dear.

  2. Jessy Lian

    Dr, I just call two vet in my area about the toxoplamosis test kit. One of them have, but I was told the test is done in-the-house, meaning you will have to bring Indy over, they take Indy’s blood and do the test in their lab. I initially thought, I could get the test kit for you since I’ll be going to Subang tomorrow, but….they said there is no toxoplamosis test kit for sale.

    Segar Veterinary Hospital
    No.2, Jalan Manis 3,
    Taman Segar,
    56100 Cheras, K.L.
    03-91304641, 03-91302059

    1. chankahyein

      Thank you, Jessy. I’ll contact Segar should I need it. Will wait for vet’s advice. Thank you very much for helping. Appreciate it!