Mother-cat and kitten in need of fosterer/adopter (Thong’s)

Cathy Thong’s brother found a mother-cat with a newborn kitten yesterday. The mother-and-baby need a fosterer urgently. It would not be very difficult looking after them as the mother is feeding the baby. The fosterer/adopter would only need to buy KITTEN food for the mother (kitten food is more nutritious) so that she has enough milk for the baby and enough nutrition for herself. The potential fosterer/adopter can apply for a subsidy from us when it’s time to get the mother-cat spayed and vaccinated. We will definitely help subsidise the initial medical needs for the mother and baby.

Please help or please forward this link. Thank you.

From Cathy:

My brother found this mother cat walking around with something in her mouth which he later found was a new born.  The mother cat had clearly just given birth (blood on her thighs) and was probably looking for a safe place as it was raining. When he was done running errands, he found the mother cat and her kitten in a box so he took them home.  He is, unfortunately, unable to foster them due to space constraint. The mother cat is probably just a kitten herself.  She is very friendly and affectionate, so likely to have been recently dumped at the busy commercial area.
If anyone is able to foster or adopt them, please give Thong a call at 019-665 7053.  Thank you.

Cathy and I discussed the possibility that there may be other kittens since a litter almost always consist of 3 or more kittens. But according to Thong, he saw the mother-cat carrying the kitten in her mouth wandering around the carpark and later, someone gave them a box and the mother-cat happily jumped in and let her baby suckle. Thereafter, Thong took mother and baby home.

Perhaps only one kitten survived, or (we are just guessing) someone threw the mother and this one kitten away. The mother-cat is very young as her teeth are still sparkling white.

Thong also thought that the mother will deliver another few more babies as her belly was quite large, but so far there has been no more births. The mother does not appear to be in any discomfort either. Maybe visit to the vet can confirm this.

Updates at 3.30pm – A fosterer has responded but she will only foster and not adopt. We are still looking for an adopter for this small family of two. Would anyone be interested to take in this mother and baby?  We will subsidise the mother’s spaying and initial vaccinations as per our terms and conditions.






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  1. Wong Yoke Mei

    Normally cats will give birth to more than 1 kitten… could there be more kittens that has not been discovered? Since she was found walking around with 1 kitten in her mouth, most probably she is shifting her kittens from one place to another. I suspect there are others which are left out there without the mother. I think it will advisable to go out looking for the rest….