Casa sends dogfood and treats to Meiji in Raub

As you know, Casa Doggie Store (under managing director Tan Chooi Chooi) initiated a Christmas Gift for Meiji in December:

The first installment was given to Meiji on 7th December: when Meiji came down personally to collect it.

On 2nd January, Chooi Chooi and her husband, Derek, decided they would spare Meiji a trip down in her run-down Suzuki jeep so they drove up to Raub with the next installment of 26 bags of food, a doggie cottage and doggie treats.

Here are the photos:

 Derek and Chooi Chooi loading their four-wheel-drive with the goodies.

 The welcoming committee.

 More welcoming committee members.

 Arriving at Meiji’s.

 Doggies looking on as they unload the goodies.

 That’s Chooi Chooi, in our yellow tshirt.

 We want to come in!

 The dogs and their guardian-angel.
This is what I always see whenever we visit, too.
The picture says it all. No words are needed.

 The self-appointed guardian of the durians.

 Stay away from my durians!!

 The goodies from Casa and their supporters.


 We thank Casa Doggie Store, Chooi Chooi, Derek and all contributors for helping Meiji and her dogs.

Coming up next…another exciting fund-raising activity by Casa.

Stay tuned.







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  1. zigzag naim

    God bless the life of this incredible noble woman…