Pole doesn’t give up (another escape attempt at dusk)

Yesterday evening, we let Pole out of the condo to stretch herself. It had been a very busy day for me, with contractors coming in to fix things. Unfortunately, the grille contractor did not come to fix the polycarbonate so Bunny’s Place is still not Pole-proofed yet.

Anyway, we let her out under strict supervision.

Pole sauntered to the sidegate (which we now call “Stargate” since it’s around here that everyone star-gazes to wait for the “mothership” to descend from the heavens), looked out and then began her one-tracked determination – to find a way to escape.

She surveyed every possible loophole and took a long time doing this. My husband is right – when she is out of the condo, she has no peace, because her duty is to find a way to escape. It seems to be something in-built in her.

From the Stargate and that area, she went back towards the room. We knew she wanted to attempt the gutter-gap so we watched her.

The contractor had secured the gutter-gap two days ago and Pole probably doesn’t know this.

Pole went up onto the shelf and looked up at the gutter.

There was not enough foothole or platform for her to make a good jump.

She walks to and fro the shelf, as though to build up momentum.

After doing that many times, she jumps!

It was like Spiderman, she scaled the wall and landed up on the gutter ledge.

She was so sure she would get out immediately through the gap, but that gap had been sealed up.

Pole walked along the ledge to look for another gap, but there was none.

She did not give up, she searched every possible loophole again, all along the gutter.

There was no gap.

The contractor did a good job (we hope!).

 Pole attempting to escape through the gutter-gap.


 Walks all along the ledge to find another gap.

 There used to be a small hole here, but we told the contractor to seal it up.

 The rest watch the “show”.

 Tiger, too.

 Tabs wants to learn, too.

Apparently, my husband said yesterday morning, Tabs spent a very long time surveying the place, as though trying to find a way to escape as well. What’s with female cats? Guess it’s their instinctive nature to hunt – there are no preys inside Bunny’s Place, so they must go out. It’s almost a religious duty that they must do it.

 Pole doesn’t give up. My husband said to let her try so that she learns it’s not possible to escape through here anyway. Hopefully, after learning this, she won’t attempt it anymore.

We decided it’s too long so my husband went to get the ladder to take her down.

What ladder?

Pole scaled down effortless as she had scaled up.

 Star-gazing for another way?

 Cow watches her.

We finally put her back into her condo so that she would have some peace.

Thus ends another Pole-episode in the series, “The Pole Escapades”.

Stay tuned for the next episode….coming up soon!