The great stand-off with Gorilla-Cat

Yesterday, while I was at work, my husband texted to say there was a great stand-off at Bunny’s Place with Mr Gorilla-Cat. At least, that’s what my husband decided to call that huge Cheshire-like cat who came to look down at our cats the previous day.

Apparently, he came again yesterday morning and at the forefront was Cow, supported by Tiger (yes, Gandhi does stand-offs as well). The two did stand-off until Gorilla went away (supported by a quick spray with the garbage enzyme).

This morning, after breakfast, I heard Tabs mewing and looking frantic.

Little Tabs had raised the alarm – Gorilla was here!

 He kept moving when I attempted to take his photo, not wanting his face to be seen?

We are dealing with a veteran here….

 Cow to the frontlines again….followed by Cleo and Tiger.

 Brave Cow.

 He doesn’t wait for reinforcements. He does what he has to do.

 Tiger supports his friend.

You are not alone, Cow. I’m here.

 Me too, me too!! I can help too.

What do I have to do?

Tell me, tell me…

Tabs prances excitedly from chair to chair. Maybe to her, it’s all good fun.

 Pole wants to help, but is inside the condo.

 Huh? Been there, done that. 
I have my minions to do the work now.
I’m the boss, remember? 

 I’m on MC.

Indy looks a bit brighter today. I hope he can recover by himself with the Vetri DMG and the other supplements for the nerves.

The other vet I consulted last night suggested that we give Indy a week’s course of a “safe” antibiotic such as Clavomox.  I’ll consult Indy’s vet on this. There is definitely an infection as there are leucocytes in his urine. But what infection? That is the question. And it seems quite mild because there is no fever and Indy is still eating.

It’s only the limping and hunching that suggest it could be a nerve problem. We’re already addressing this with Neurobion and Denzo, both very safe supplements.






2 responses to “The great stand-off with Gorilla-Cat”

  1. Yen Ling

    Wow. He is a huge cat! (The Gorilla – Cat).

  2. Cassie

    hahahahahahah! i couldn’t stop laughing at the nicname…gorilla? cat.. ^_^ i laughed reading thru the post. Uber cute name…