Black cat, neutered and returned to colony (Dr Veeranoot’s)

From Dr Veeranoot:

If your remembered a stray black cat that I rescued on 23
December, 2011 and sent to the clinic in Puchong. He was back to the
colony in Pantai Hillpark on 3rd January, 2012 with a sign of much
improvement. However, I need to continue once a week medication for
another 4 weeks. I would like to donate the allocate amount that you
agree upon from the bill back to your fund for another stray animals.
My purpose is just want to support and participate in CNRM program.




We thank Dr Veeranoot for doing the needful and for her very kind donation to our fund.

Our subsidy is RM80 for the neutering and RM140 for 50% of the medical bill. Dr Veeranoot has re-donated this amount of RM220 back into our fund to help the next animal that comes along.



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