Pole escapes again…sigh….(she came back!!!)

I was very, very tired after giving a talk last night and I had meant to only take a nap, but ended up sleeping until now. When I came back last night, I had let Pole out of the condo. She seemed happy.

When I woke up just now, it was already 6am. I realised I had slept through the night without putting Pole back into the condo.

I looked out, and my worst fears were realised. Pole was gone. I checked every possible loophole I could find, and they were not forced open. How could she have gone out?

I know there are still two loopholes:

1. From the gutter-ledge, she could twist her body and “acrobat” herself onto the water pipe and propel herself onto the roof. But this would really need superb acrobatic skills.

2. If she could scale the wall, stick herself onto it vertically and tear open the net or squeeze through a tiny gap between the netting and the polycarbonate, she could still escape. But this seemed an almost impossible task.

But there was no tear on the netting and the said gap is intact.

Woke my husband up and he said he knew I had slept in Bunny’s Room and the wooden door was open (with the cat-grille secured), so he closed ALL the windows in the house in case Pole jumped over the cat-grille. He said he last saw Pole sitting at the cat-grille before he went upstairs.

I’ve searched the whole house. How could Pole have escaped?

But she is gone.

And I’ll be out looking for her right after this. I’ve opened the family hall windows upstairs and in case she managed to escape onto the roof, hopefully she would come back that way.

Pole, wherever you are, please be safe. Come back when you’re hungry, Pole.

Wish me luck, folks.

I might do the scissors trick, too.

Updates at 7am – I have done the scissors trick. We’ve searched everywhere and called for Pole. There is no mewing. My husband said the only windows he forgot to close were the bathroom windows, so it’s likely Pole escaped through those because that’s where she came in from the last time (from the front roof).

I hope Pole is safe, wherever she is. I can only hope she won’t attempt to go back to the old house. Anyway, my parents are moving into my old house today, so it’s going to be a very busy day.

My husband doubts Pole would attempt to go back to the old house. Perhaps she is just sleeping somewhere on the roof. Maybe it’s the niche at the back neighbour’s.

Updates at 7.11am – POLE IS BACK!!!

My husband was at the playground keeping a lookout for her. The neighbour’s maid opened their gate and suddenly, my husband saw Pole trotting very quickly from the direction of the neighbour’s to our gate. She seemed to be in a hurry, too.

Maybe she got threatened by Gorilla-Cat as he was out roaming the street at that time. Gorilla has been coming into our front garden very frequently.

Anyway, here’s Pole!!!!!

 Pole….where have you been?

 VERY hungry.

 Everyone came to greet Pole. The first thing we saw was Cow touching noses with Pole. Aww…

 Back into your condo, Pole. We have a very busy day today. I can’t have you running away again.


 Indy is still lying down, but he went out to pee and poo this morning. He is still eating very well.

 Tabs wanted to go into the condo as well, but I doubt Pole would welcome that.

 Looking at mum.

 *Breathe a big sigh of relief*

We’ll never quite know how Pole escaped this time.


1. She found a loophole in Bunny’s Place, went up the roof, jumped down to the neighbour’s and when the maid opened the gate, she quickly came out. My husband said Pole was a little wet, and the maid had just washed the car.

2. She jumped over the cat-grille while I was asleep, went upstairs, jumped out the bathroom window, landed on the roof, we don’t know how from the roof she landed up on the ground as it is very high, but trust a cat to find her way. Went down the road and later, came trotting back.

The design of our new gate is exactly the same as our old one, so I wonder if that helped. Maybe not, maybe it’s just the smells.

This much I know for now – I doubt Pole can open the latch in her condo as it’s a double-latch (normal latch and lift-latches). If she can figure this out one day, I would bow three times to her and give her a 21-gun salute. So for now, the condo is Pole-proof. Is Bunny’s Place Pole-proof, I don’t know yet because as much as we’ve tried, there are still very narrow gaps.

We think she won’t be attempting to go back to our old house. She just wants her freedom and lounge somewhere further away from everyone else. That’s Pole for you – a loner. As long as she knows this is her house and she can come home when hungry, I suppose I’m thankful enough. We will not secure our front lawn so that in the event that Pole escapes again, at least she can still come back into the front lawn. If we secure everything, she would not be able to come back at all and that would be another nightmare altogether.

But POLE IS BACK and I’m so relieved.

And by the way, I did the scissors trick and maybe that helped too!!

I don’t scoff at things I don’t understand. When desperate, I’ll try anything as long as it does not bring harm to anyone.

There are more things on heaven and earth that is dreamt of in our philosophy.

Thank heavens Pole is back!!






3 responses to “Pole escapes again…sigh….(she came back!!!)”

  1. Agnes

    Hi Kah Yein
    From the photos, it appears to me there’s a narrow gap between the end of the green cat-fence netting at the wall and the polycarbonate sheet on the side-gate. Do you think Pole could have squeezed herself through here?

    1. chankahyein

      I looked at that yesterday and it seemed impossible. I looked again today and it still seems impossible, but with Pole, you’ll never know! The good thing, I suppose, is that she knows how to come back and she’s not on a mission to go back to the old house. That much, I’m grateful already. This free spirited girl just wants to roam. Sigh…

  2. I must try the scissors method – hopefully Sin-Sin will return …