Catfood for Pak Din and other news

We sponsored a bag of catfood for Pak Din’s 8 cats from our Food Fund and Chew brought it over on Friday. Here are some updates:

Delivered the cat food which I collected on friday to Pak Din and brought Lim along to see his place.
Today collected a mattress,bedsheets, some utensils, new and old clothings, towels, piece of tapauline and bag of rice from Joy and sent them to Pak Din.
Good news is yesterday the supervisor lady from the orphanage agreed to allow Pak Din to stay at present location provided he fences up the place to prevent his animals from running around. As such he need not worry to have to relocate and that really saves a big hassle for him.
He located some old building materials from a construction site which he need to buy them second hand. Also the wire fencing will be needed now and we’re trying to source them. I plan after the CNY break to help him with some friends to put up the fencing and reinforce his present hut to make it more liveable(roof is leaking,wall and floorings need to be repaired).
Once again Pak Din thanks all who has contributed to his well being.
Once that is done he will again try to find a job. Just found out that he was a good golfer during his musician days in Australia with a 12 handicap!! So he says he can even work in a golf shop as shop assistant as he can talk ‘golf’..








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  1. Lee

    What a relief 😉 thanks to the supervisor lady from the orphanage.