Pregnant cat rescued, delivered 7 babies (Tjong Yen Chian’s)



I want to inform you that the heavily pregnant cat is doing fine. Ms Aimy Rashid helped me to catch this cat with her daughter when she saw the post I posted at MDDB for help to rescue this cat.  She even took some pictures for me and I want to share it with you. The pregnant cat is now officially named Jazmine. She have given birth to 7 lovely babies and once the babies finish weaning, she will put up the babies for adoption. She will keep the mother cat. She will even spay it after Jazmine is ready. I will be sponsoring a little bit from my pocket money. My parents will help out. Other than that, she will ask from the others to help chip in a little.

I am happy to say Jazmine is now alright 🙂

Thank you.











2 responses to “Pregnant cat rescued, delivered 7 babies (Tjong Yen Chian’s)”

  1. Hello Jazmine, fate works in a mysterious way eh? Just when you thought you are all alone, helpless in a dark place, came a ray of sunshine and hope.

    Be well and happy Jazmine, we hope your little ones grow up to be little superheros with a forever loving home … 🙂

  2. Rayna

    It will never happened. Not anymore…