Sunshine’s rehab

From my friend who is fostering Sunshine:

I managed to get a urine sample from Sunshine last Wed and quickly rushed it to the clinic as I’ve been concerned over her peeing pattern. They found that her pee was very alkaline with PH 9 and Specific Gravity 1.018 and suggested that I bring her in for a blood test. So I dashed back home and packed Sunshine into the car and back to the clinic. Her blood test results came back pretty good so we know that her organs are not affected by what may be a mild infection so she has been on antibiotics which will last for a week and then I’m to take her urine sample in for a test.
At the vet’s, Sunshine showed a different side and had to muzzled for them to take her blood sample so with all this going on, I again forgot to take any photos at the vet.
Last week was truly amazing for us with Sunshine. She continues to amaze us at the rate she is healing and indeed brings us so much joy even though she also constantly presents us with challenges. Sometime she calls incessantly for me by barking non-stop. Last night my husband went to sleep with ear plugs on because we could not get her to stop until she was tired and went to sleep herself. Then only could I go to sleep.
When she asks to be taken out for her toilet, I now have her on a gentle harness that is very efficient at prompting the dog not to pull. This is so that she will not be straining against the harness/leash and put any extra unnecessary strain on her spine or be accidentally jerked.
Sunshine’s right hind leg is knuckling less now. At the beginning of last week the right hind was knuckling about 50% of the time. Now it is about 30% of the time. It’s amazing just to see this improvement in a matter of days. I let her walk on the harness for a bit when she is out doing her toilet and that is slowly strengthening her hind legs.
Her left hind leg has always been the weaker one and I have her now wearing a homemade splint which prevents the foot from being turned backwards and dragging when she walks. Her foot also has padded protection so that she does not aquire drag sores. Another device helps bring awareness to her brain of her weaker leg. Due to some neurological deficit from her injury, her brain has not got enough awareness of her weaker hind leg and this results in the knuckling.
All these are aids for her rehab and can only be worn supervised and a limited period of time so that her limbs do not stiffen.
Sunshine is very cheeky and always invites my cats to play with her in the house. She is still learning that she is not to chase them for entertainment! At meal times I put her in a walking frame for standing so that she can move around the house and also eat her meals standing up. She doesn’t particularly like being in it and it takes time and patience to teach her that it is a good thing and we’ll get there.
Saturday was such a sunny day that I took her out ofr her bath and she stood up all the way!!
What an amazing dog and we have coame such a long way!
This Wed I have to take her urine sample to the clinic again.

Eating with cat-friend.

Outdoor bath!

Lesson time!

Padded foot.

Geared for rehab.

Getting around the house.

We will continue to sponsor all of Sunshine’s medical and physical needs for as long as it takes to get her back on her feet (literally!) or to get her to be as well as she can be. But as I’ve always said, the love and care my friend is giving Sunshine  is something that we shall never be able to repay. It takes great commitment, devotion and patience to do this, and we are ever grateful.







4 responses to “Sunshine’s rehab”

  1. Sunshine’s story is such an inspiring one.

  2. Chen

    The amount of love, patience, understanding, perseverance and faith in this work is amazing.

  3. Maneki Neko

    It’s nothing short of a miracle that Sunshine ended up in the care of someone with so much knowledge of physical rehab and proper care of severely injured dogs! The rescuer has my deepest respect!

  4. Linda Low

    So happy for Sunshine that she is so lucky and fortunate to have meet up with such a caring and concern rescuer. God bless them!