Indy goes to the vet’s

My vet said he had contacted a clinic which has the toxoplasmosis test kit and I could send Indy to him to get blood and then send the blood over to the clinic for the test. That way, Indy would not have to endure the stress of travelling too far in the car.

So, the appointment was set for today, afternoon.

However, we tried twice, but Indy was just too stressed out to allow the blood to be taken. The blood had to be drawn from the jugular vein, which is at the neck, and this was too traumatic for Indy. The vet said Indy had been through so much lately, so we had better not stress him too much especially when Indy is such a sensitive cat.

The toxoplasmosis test is an antibody test, and it is not urgent that Indy is tested. If the test is negative, it means Indy does not have toxoplasmosis and we will rule of Clindamycin as an antibiotic option.  But if it is positive, it could mean two things – (1) that Indy has toxoplasmosis, or (2) that Indy has HAD toxoplasmosis before and hence, he has the antibodies.  So, a positive result will not be conclusive.  A negative result would be most welcomed.

But now, we couldn’t even take his blood, so the next course of action would be to put Indy on a broad-spectrum antibiotic, such as Clavomox, for a longer period. Here, we are talking about one month or even two.

For now, it would be ten days of Clavomox first and we will monitor the changes, if any.

 This evening, I cooked a home meal and all the cats ate it. I’ve been so busy in the last few days, I hadn’t had time to cook them a meal. Initially, Indy did not want any of it at all, so later, I mixed wetfood with the home-cooked meal. He ate up all the home-cooked and left the wetfood!

The vet said to give Indy more protein as there is already muscle wastage since Indy has not been moving much. In fact, not moving at all. I have been taking him out to the sun and grass daily and all the exercise he does is to walk back into the room after pee and poo.

Tomorrow, Indy will get his acupuncture treatment.

One day at at time, Indy. We’ll get you well again.







One response to “Indy goes to the vet’s”

  1. Catherina

    Yes Indy, one day at a time. You will be well again.
    Get well soon Indy.