Eating home-cooked meals

Ever since Dr Susanna told me how important nutrition is for the cats and all other animals under our care, I immediately switched over to home-cooked food for my brood. I started with wetfood to make the transition and the next day, I immediately cooked for them.

Spurred and greatly encouraged by the fact that it took the good doctor THREE years to convert her fussy half-Persian, Mitzi, to switch from kibble to home-cooked, I thought I must not give up this time.

The heavens were shining on me, because my brood miraculously decided they’d please me and would EAT my home-cooked food.

So, in a matter of three days, the whole gang was convincingly “converted”.

So easy??

Yups, that’s easy.

I think it’s a mind-over-matter thingie. I am VERY determined this time and I was going to persevere for three years, if that was what it would take. Guess my brood read my mind and decided they had better not “fight” me this time, so they all dutifully ate whatever I cooked. What good kids I have, yah?

So everything in the kitchen was going so well, until I moved.

To cut a long story short, I was without my stove for about a week and could not cook. During this time, I depended solely on Natural Balance wetfood and the brood was more than happy to oblige.

Once I got my stove, I cooked again and this time, the brood said, “Oh well….we shall see…”

It was a bit difficult to start them on home-cooked again this round, but I persevered and within two days, they are now on home-cooked again. For Tiger and Cleo, it was harder, so I had to bribe them with Natural Balance to start it off, then it’s home-cooked.





 And they licked the platter clean!

So to all of the caregivers out there who would like to switch your animals over to home-cooked for their healthier wellbeing, remember Dr S took THREE years to convert her fussy cat!

The key is the mind-over-matter weapon….it might just work. UNLESS your cats psyche you over to their side!!