Playtime at Bunny’s Place!

I think Pole has more or less settled (keeping my fingers crossed) now. She does not star-gaze anymore nowadays and has not attempted any escapades so far.

The contractor still has not turned up, so the gutter Poleway is not Pole-proofed yet.

This afternoon, Pole had a good game of hide-and-seek with Tabs!

It’s so good to see Pole having fun AND making friends.

 They were chasing each other all over the garden.

Now, Tabs is stalking Pole. Can you see Pole?

 See the two glowing eyes?

 Tiger loves the condo.

 Cleo has no time to play.

 Cow’s siesta.

 Indy back on his cushion again.

 Bobby doing the pebble walk, for health.

 There, that’s Pole.

 Bunny on his throne.

 Tabs still stalking Pole!