The last of the Pole-proofing

Finally, the contractor came this morning and we proceeded to Pole-proof the last of the possible Poleways of escape!

 I explained how Pole manages to escape from the clothes line to the water pipe, to the gutter and the roof.

 We’d use another piece of polycarbonate to seal off this exit, the contractor says.

 There…that’s done!

 I didn’t have time to take Tabs out of the condo, and had to put Pole in when the contractor came in, so I just kept both of them in the cage.

 Been there, done that….no sweat.

 Help me, someone!! Help me!! Please…I’m locked in!! Help, Help!!!
I’m a good girl, please help me!! 

 All done now. I’m RM150 poorer ‘coz I told the contactor to bring a 3 foot piece (wasn’t sure how to do it, so better tell him more).  RM150 for peace of mind – that’s a reasonable price to pay. But honestly, all this Pole-proofing has cost me more than RM1000 just for reinforcements alone.

 Pole remains in the condo.

Hey, this is MY condo. No Tabby Inc. is taking over my space!

 Tabs quickly goes back to Bunny’s Room. Her place is on my desk.

I hope (and pray!) that this would be the last of the Pole-proofing I’d need to do.

Wish me luck, folks.