Pole escapes again….

Just when we thought we’d passed the acid test…

 The quick white Pole jumped over the cat-grille!

THREE times today.

The first time, I was taking a bath, and Pole jumped over, ran upstairs and came to my room. My son quickly closed all the windows and locked her in.

I brought her back into the room, and before I could say “hello kitty”, she jumped out again, and this time, went upstairs to Ming-Yi’s room. I locked her in and ignored her cries. After 10 minutes, I brought her down again.

She jumped out even before I could turn my back.


This morning, we already noticed her in-built mechanism working. She was looking at the roof from one of the catshelves. We already saw it in her eyes that she is planning to escape again.

I think it’s more of that free spirit in her, an in-built mechanism, as I say.  An instinctive behaviour.  Dr Susanna advised that it may be okay to let her roam freely as she assures me Pole will come back. I’m only a bit worried of what the psychic said, that Pole has an intention to go back to the old house. Dr Susanna doesn’t think so. She says most cats, if treated well, follow people, not buildings.  But Pole’s case is a bit complicated as in our previous house, she lived at the neighbour’s and only came home for meals. So, who are Pole’s people? Our former neighbours?? She might want to go back to them? But I would like to believe that she knows we care for her too and she is quite close to us. She just cannot get along with the rest of the clan and wants to be away from them.

But in the previous days, we thought we was getting a bit more sociable as she would sleep on the sofa and in the room. She even shared her shelf with Cleo.

 But until we figure what’s best for Pole, it’s back to the condo for you now, Pole.


1. Let her free in Bunny’s Place with wooden door closed so that the Quick White Pole cannot jump over. Keep in condo if door is open.

2. Let her jump over and hope she would just mingle around the house or front lawn. Let her spirit be free.

Judging from her relaxed poses in the condo, we think Pole is happy in it.
We hope we are right about this.

(Yes, that’s Tabs in the background – that’s Tabs’ shelf.)






3 responses to “Pole escapes again….”

  1. wow..shes one bright girl
    full of plans and ideas

  2. Cathy

    Haha. I love that picture of Pole going up to the top shelf of her condo. She looks almost like she’s grumbling while stomping upstairs. *grumble mumble grumble*

  3. Peggy Quah

    Ya, I did not want to discourage you when I saw your grill as the strays that I have spayed has found a new place to sleep i.e. on top of the roof of my back row. After they had a wall up ( about 5 1/2 feet) they just aim and jump up every day from there they can see when its makan time and den they come down. I think now 5 of them goes up there they enjoy the freedom now.