Pole passes the acid test

Yesterday evening, we plucked up courage and did something extremely brave….

We went out and left Pole in Bunny’s Place (room and garden) without putting her back into the condo. Yes, that was a very highly risky thing to do, but I just had to test out how Pole-proof Bunny’s Place is.

We spent about 3 hours away from home with the wooden door closed (cats have access into garden and room), and came home with bated breath…

Opened the wooden door and…

You’re still here!

 So can we assume that Bunny’s Place is Pole-proofed yet?

Last night, she went on her own to sleep in her condo. I did not close the doors. This morning, she was still in Bunny’s Place (inside the room, actually).

Another YAY for Pole-proofing!

BUT….read on….(no heart attacks, I promise you).