Flower and Coco doing better today! (Anita Chen’s)

Good news from Anita this morning, folks! Keep those prayers and positive vibrations coming for Flower and Coco, please.

 Brought Flower back last night. As of last night, she stopped vomiting. Gave RetroMAD1 at midnight, nothing came up, watched her sleep for more than an hour. There is a faint tint in her urine but she greeted me this morning, and walked around outside her cage. Will be taking her to vet at 10am.

Coco groomed herself this morning. Grooming is a good sign, right? She sought out her plate and ate AD on her own and she wanted cuddles. Mustn’t be too happy, still long way to go. Everyone’s prayers helped too. Thank you for getting them to pray for the girls.

Well, we shall rejoice in the moment, but continue sending positive vibrations to Flower and Coco.

Get well soon, girls!

Isn’t it quite amazing how Flower is now recovering from a state of vomiting blood (which really got me so worried) to her improved condition now?