Subsidy for Baby, dog with heartworm (Joanne Lim’s)

This was a request from Joanne Lim in September 2011, for a rescued dog named Baby:

Baby is another dog which I have feeding since she was a pup and I have put up her for adoption since Jan 2010 on Petfinder. She was very small compared to her other sibling back then and she is the reason I start feeding her n the other strays in my work place. She is still thin, weighs at 8.5kg now for her age of almost 2 years old.
Recently, she has been coughing for about 2 weeks, which sounds like choking/dry cough. I have brought her to the vet in Puchong last Sat, due to my bad sense of direction (no GPS), I was lost n took 2 hours to reach the clinic finally. Baby was car sick n had vommitted 3-4 times in the car during the journey.
Vet has diagnosed n tested she has heartworm, class 3 as the sound of her heartbeat indicates that the lungs have expanded due to the heartworms or possibly she has a hole in her heart. This can only be confirmed with an ultra-sound scan which I didnt not request for it since to save cost. Vet advised to treat as heartworm case since the heartworm test is positive.
I clarified with vet this morning again, she would need a full treatment to avoid complications :
1) 1 dose of heartworm drug next moth to kill partial of the heartworms.
2) 2 more dose of heartworm drug in November (24 hours apart for each dose) for the balance of the heartworms.
For now, vet has prescribed 2 types of heart medicine (Enalprilmaleat and Frusemide), 1 antibiotic pill for 1 month and steroid for 2 weeks so to strengthen her heart. And Baby has to be confined from now on so to prepare her for the coming drug treatments.  

Updates again:

Today I have brought Baby to the clinic for her 1st heartworm drug treatment but before that she has to be rechecked again because her bloodwork report last week has shown low blood platelets but she is fine in other aspects like liver, kidney and etc.

After checking thru bloodsmear n other simple tests, vet has again explained the options, the risks of taking the treatments and has advised she is fit enough for the 1st treatment. Since Baby has congenital heart problem (which can be further confirmed via ultrasound at another clinic), it is higher risk for her. So she must be kept calm for a least 4 to 6 weeks before she can take the 2nd treatment of heartworm drugs.
And she should be brought to the clinic to be checked again after 4 weeks. Today, vet has prescribed the same medications for 6 weeks so to lower the risk of 2nd treatment.
Updates on 2nd January 2012:
Update on Baby : heartworm treatment case. Her treatments are completed but will only be tested again in a few weeks’ time if the heartworms have cleared from her system. I will send the receipt for AnimalCare’s pledge of RM200 subsidy as approved by you earlier.
We pledged RM200 for the treatment since Joanne is also applying to’s Medical Fund.
Our RM200 has been disbursed to Joanne.
We hope Baby is fine now. Any updates from Joanne (just place a comment here, please) would be greatly appreciated.