Sponsor-a-Pet-Programme at PAWS

I was sourcing a place for the dog that a rescuer had wanted to rehome when PAWS’ manager told me about their Sponsor-a-Pet-Programme.

I think it is a really wonderful programme, especially for rescuers who have nowhere else to place their rescues. They can surrender the animal to PAWS and sponsor the animal for the rest of its life, subject to PAWS’ Sponsor-a-Pet-Programme policies.

This is how it works (information courtesy of PAWS):

The true purpose of this programme is to give the animals a chance to live longer until we find a home for them. It also give everyone and anyone a sense of owning a pet when his/her envirolment is not suitable. Anyway, here are the details of how the programme runs.

Anyone can sponsor a pet in our shelter and that animal gets a chance to live without the fear of being euthanised unless it’s terminally ill and it’s subjected to be rehomed as and when someone wants it.

In the event that the animal is fatally ill, the sponsor will be notified and he/she can come view it for the last time. Should he/she choose not to or is unable to due to whatever reason, then the shelter will do whatever is necessary and that is the ultimate, euthanise to ease the suffering of the animal.

Should someone want to adopt the animal, it will be given up for adoption and no information and details of the new owner will be given out.

The monthly amount is Rm150.00 per month, Rm 800 for 6 months and Rm1500.00 per year. No discount for monthly sponsors.

Should the animal be adopted out before the sponsor month ends, the balance will be used for another animal at the choice of the sponsor. Or the sponsor can choose to donate it to the shelter should he/she don’t want to sponsor anymore. The sponsor/sponsors can come view “their” animal anytime during operation hours or they can take the animal home for a “holiday” should they wish to.

This programme is something for rescuers to consider as an option when they fail to find adopters for their rescues.

For more information, please contact PAWS directy at 03-78461087.

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  • chew chen foong


    I currently have a rescued 8 months old puppy with me. Failed to find available fosterer or adopter for him. He is fully vaccinated, and waiting to be neutered.

    If i were to put him in Sponsor a Pet Programme in PAWS, which area in PAWS will he be kept? Will he be kept inside a cage all day? Or will he be given the freedom to run around the area?