Medical subsidy for a cat with mange (Shaila Raj’s)

Shaila Raj wrote to me a few days regarding a stray cat with mange. Since this was Shaila’s first case of dealing with a mangy cat, she was quite disturbed by all the scratching and bleeding and wanted to board the cat at the vet’s. I explained that our policies will not cover any subsidy for boarding for such a case unless the boarding is justified necessary by the vet.

I also shared with Shaila a few of our mange cases, the worst being that of Zhou2, who recovered beautifully in just 4 weeks under the care of Julie Pek (Zhou2 only needed weekly injections of Ivermectin), and subsequently, Zhou2 got adopted by Mimi and is now living a wonderful life.

I also explained the downside of unwarranted boarding. The cat is from the street and hence, unvaccinated. It could easily catch contagious diseases if sick cats come to the clinic.

So, Shaila decided to look after the mangy cat herself.

Here’s from Shaila:

The cat is with me now and I’m nursing it – took your advice not to board it.
This stray has actually been rescued by Jacqueline Ng a student from Klang and since she is away for the holidays, I have volunteered to take care of it.
Now he was given a jab at a clinic in Klang – antibiotics also been given.
2 days back I took the cat to the vet in Subang Jaya for advice.
Tomorrow I have an appointment at this vet to get second dosage of antibiotics coz the first one is over.
On the 23rd and 30th, I will be giving him another oral medication which will be equivalent to the 2nd n 3rd jap (given by the Klang vet)
I will have all receipts kept and once the cat is all recovered, I will send in the form and attached all the bills together and also with a photo.
As per your request, attached with this email are pictures of him.
Hopefully you would be able to help us out in this case.





As pledged, we will be helping with our usual medical subsidy subject to our terms and conditions (no boarding unless necessary, as recommended by the vet).

We hope the cat gets well soon.